Wedding season is very much upon us and if you’re anything like us you’ve got invites coming out of your ears requesting your presence to help celebrate the happy couples nuptials. Don’t get us wrong we LOVE a good wedding, especially if we get to see the brides dress as she walks down the aisle, but with the amount we have to attend sometimes we can’t help but get stuck in s style rut with what to wear. After all if we’re being photographed we don’t want to be seen in the same thing twice do we! Well never fear, we’ve scoured the Looker app to provide you with some inspiration on what to wear to all the big days you’ll be attending…

Shop Brasilnality’s Style here

Pastels are always a safe choice in terms of what to wear to a wedding so why not opt for something in a pale pink like Looker Brasilnality, the colour is flattering to almost every skin tone and an embellished maxi dress provides a feeling of glamour which means you can keep accessories to a minimum and let the dress do the talking… just make sure to check what colour the bridesmaids are wearing first so you don’t accidentally match!

Shop Tammy’s Style here

We love a bold print and this kimono and trouser two piece from Looker Tammy is the perfect way to make a statement. Pair with some killer heels and a fascinator (if you’re a day guest) and you’re sure to be best dressed at the wedding… after the bride obviously.

Shop Serena’s Style here

If you’re only attending at night the dress code for most night guests is usually a little less formal, so do like Serena and glam things up with this embellished mini dress. paired with similarly glittery heels and simple accessories this is sure to be a winner on the dance floor!

Shop Germaine’s Style here

If a dress really isn’t your thing then theres still plenty of options for a wedding worthy outfit. We love Looker Germaine’s high waisted trousers which are elegant whilst still being on-trend. If theres a blazer option with trousers you can always invest in a two-piece to add a little something extra to the outfit too!

paulina 2
Shop Paulina’s Style here

 It goes without saying that wearing white to a wedding is big no-no however, florals on white you may just be able to get away with! Just make sure that the floral pattern is the main focus of your dress and you should be all set! We love Paulina’s floral maxi dress, paired with simple wedges and sunglasses too it’s the ultimate way to stay fashionable but comfortable, especially in this heatwave we’re having. Winner!

What are your wedding style essentials? let us know on Twitter and remember to upload all your outfits to Looker here.

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