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There’s no business like SHOE business and if you’re anything like us, you’ll have noticed that one Looker user in particular is the Queen of fabulous footwear: Rollin’ Funky. Real name Clara, the London-based fashion and lifestyle blogger is one of our most popular users and it’s easy to see why when you stay up-to-date with her latest looks. Forever dressed to impress and always showcasing killer heels to offset every chic outfit, Clara is definitely one to look to for style inspo. We caught up with Clara to find out more about her and her impeccable wardrobe…

Who are your favourite people to follow on Looker and why?

STWFBLOG I love her style and sass. Justine because she always has great photos in some pretty cool locations and I like the classic and chic outfits of Amelia Copeman.

How many selfies do you usually take until you find ‘The One’?

I am not a huge fan of selfies to be honest, I prefer my photo to be taken because the front camera on phones and lighting are not the best. That said on the rare occasion I do take a selfie it’s between 2-3 times at the most.

What is one fashion trend you think should be banned from ever coming back?

I would have said sliders and socks if you asked me a year or two ago but unfortunately, it’s too late and that ‘trend’ is already here. Lol. Otherwise, I would have to say shell-suits especially the bright coloured ones. It’s definitely not something I would wear now or needs to come back in fashion.

Which celebrities have the best fashion sense in your opinion?

Style-wise, Beyoncé is my favourite – I like how she mixes up street chic and feminine glamour. Second, would have to be Rihanna, I love how she pushes the boundaries and goes bold with her looks.

Which song is your guilty pleasure?

Probably Rihanna’s ‘work, work, work…’

How do you cheer yourself up after a bad day?

With a small bag of nuts while doing a bit of online window shopping which at times turns into online retail therapy… Lol!

What items do you never leave the house without?

My keys, my phone, purse, sunglasses, lipstick, compact mirror and business cards.

If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life what would you choose?

This is a difficult one as it’s a toss-up between quinoa, hummus and edamame beans…. I think it would have to be edamame beans because it’s a good source of protein, so therefore I could live on that.

Statement lip or statement eye?

I am definitely a statement lip kind of girl, because I am not that great at putting on eyeshadow.

We’ve noticed that you have an amazing shoe collection, are there any designer shoes on your wishlist that you’d love to add to your wardrobe?

All my shoes are non-leather because I am vegan. So, it would have to be Stella McCartney as she does vegan friendly shoes.




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