Love it or loathe it, theres no denying that Love Island has become a national obsession and this years series has pretty much been the staple of our summer night time viewing, even the World Cup didn’t manage to deter us from catching up on all the gossip and drama from the villa. So from catfights to hookups and tears to laughter heres our favourite moments of Love Island 2018 so far…

Hayley thinking that Brexit meant the UK wouldn’t have any trees

Hayley (irish news)
Photo Credit: Irish News

Love Island has been on for so long now that we almost forgot about our favourite Scouse bombshell Hayley. From not being able to pronounce (or remember) Eyal’s name to not knowing what an earlobe was, Hayley was comedy gold, but it was her comment on whether Brexit would mean the UK wouldn’t have any trees anymore that really made us remember her as this season’s unintended comedian.

Rosie confronting Adam

Photo Credit: Capital

Adam was the love rat that we all loved to hate in the first few weeks of this series. His famous line of “I’d be lying if I said she wasn’t attractive” became total meme material, yet he somehow managed to have nearly every girl swooning over him… that is until Rosie entered the villa. The Welsh solicitor partnered up with Personal Trainer Adam only to have him treat her, erm, let’s just say not very nicely. It all came to a head when Rosie called him out on his behaviour in front of all the other Islanders, giving him a good talking down and giving us all the most dramatic scene of the show up to that point! Go on Rosie!

Dani blowdrying her eyelashes

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

I mean, when mascara is in short supply why not get a little creative?

Dani + Jack = Tru Luv

Photo Credit: Pretty52

We just love Dani and Jack. From the minute they set eyes on each other they (and we) knew it was love at first sight and they’ve been inseparable ever since! Even when times got tough and one of Jack’s ex’s was brought into the villa we knew they’d be able to cope with it and come out the other side stronger than before (ok, we might be being a bit dramatic, hardly anything happened to be honest) now we’re just waiting to see what Dani’s dad, Danny Dyer, has to say about the couple…

Georgia being ‘loyal’

Photo Credit: PopBuzz

We’ve had quite the rollercoaster with our opinion of Georgia. At first there we loved her because she was a total girl’s girl, she comforted Laura when she split with Wes and put her friend’s needs before any of the lads in the villa… then ‘That Date’ happened and it all seemed to flip for our love for Georgia, all of a sudden she was the kind of girl you do’t trust around your fella and she developed an attitude nobody could warm too, all whilst proclaiming over and over again how ‘loyal’ she was… yeah ok Georgia, you keep telling yourself that…

Georgia and Ellie’s feud

georgia vs ellie
Photo Credit: OK

The new Georgia didn’t just get our backs up with her ‘loyalty’ and snarky remarks to her fellow Islanders, she also managed to ruffle feather amongst others in the villa, most notably with Ellie who called Georgia out on her behaviour and declared several times that G wasn’t as loyal as she made out. Whilst we love a bit of drama on the Island we weren’t 100% Team Ellie on this (after all she used the C word and her constant talking about Georgia started to feel like an attack) it made for good TV and to be honest that’s all we’re here for really.

Samira leaving the villa for Frankie

Photo Credit: Digital Spy 

Samira was pretty much one of our favourite girls in the villa from the very beginning- she was confident, beautiful and took no messing from anybody so it was always a bit of a shock to us that she struggled to find a suitable partner from the boys on the Island (we like to think it’s because they were just intimidated by her self-confidence), however all that changed when Frankie entered the villa like a knight on a white horse and swept Samira off her feet… only to be voted off the island a week later LSamira, heartbroken and giving us all the feels, decided she didn’t want to stay without him and packed her bag the next day to follow her man! We are SO here for this love story!

Dr Alex’s ‘Schmouldering’

dr alex.gif
Photo Credit: StyleUpNow

The nation has pretty much been behind unlucky-in-love Dr Alex since the start of the series, and in recent weeks he’s decided that the reason he’s so down on his luck with the ladies is because he doesn’t ‘schmoulder’ like some of the other boys do with their partners… we think he’s trying to say ‘smoulder’ but to be honest it’s so funny when he tries to do it that we’re letting him off the hook with this one…

Niall as a Rainbow Fish

Photo Credit: ITV

There’s just no words for how sweet Niall was and describing himself as the children’s story the Rainbow Fish when comparing himself to Adam just made our hearts melt… also yes Niall, we do like chicken dippers.

Megan changing her mind all the time

'Love Island' TV Show, Series 4, Episode 24, Majorca, Spain - 27 Jun 2018
Photo Credit: Metro 

We’re not saying that a girl isn’t allowed to change her mind but, Megan really has took the biscuit when it comes to deciding who she’s romantically interested in… first it was Eyal and Dr Alex (she chose Eyal) then she set her sights on Wes (and broke him and Laura up) then it was new Alex and then it was back to Wes! We can’t keep up, but you do you Meg, you’ve got to be sure of these things, right?

The lie detector test

lie detector
Photo Credit: Capital FM

It’s the challenge that we look forward to every season and this year’s lie detector test did not disappoint. We won’t ruin the results for you but let’s just say it leaves some of our favourite relationships hanging in the balance and we’ve learnt stuff about the Islanders we didn’t really want to know…

Wes, Josh and New Jack’s bromance

wes etc
Photo Credit: ITV

We love a good bromance almost as much as we love a good romance. Last year it was Chris and Kem and this year’s series has delivered in the form of Wes, Josh and New Jack. The trio have been a social media sensation with fans calling for them to receive their own TV show once out of the villa… we’d agree but can we request that Jack doesn’t rap please…

Dani and Jacks shopping trip

Photo Credit: Metro

Ok, we know we’ve mentioned them before, but Dani and Jack are just the couple who keep on giving. Last week the pair were tasked with making dinner for the rest of the Islanders (all 16 of them) so naturally hilarity ensued. From the shopping trip where Jack told the Spanish butcher he wanted chicken breasts by gesturing to Dani’s chest to then actually preparing the meal and him eating half the ingredients we can’t help but think some of the Islanders probably went hungry… we wouldn’t have minded for the comedy aspect though if we’re honest!

What have been some of your highlights of this series of Love Island? Let us know on Twitter!

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