If you’re looking for a new way to liven up your work/uni commute, consider downloading a podcast – over the last year or two, they’ve massively grown in popularity so wherever your interests lie; there’s sure to be a podcast to suit you! As much as we love getting hooked on a new book or listening to the latest albums on Spotify on our way into work, sometimes you just need a change. So on that note, we’ve listed some of the podcasts we’ve either listened to and loved, or are looking forward to giving a go.

The High Low
Image Credit: Acast

The High Low by Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes

A weekly podcast by journalists, Dolly Alderton and Pandora Sykes, covering everything from pop culture to current affairs – see you can be interested in politics whilst also enjoying a bit of celeb gossip! If there’s a particular story dominating news headlines, chances are it’ll be covered on here in an intelligent yet non-patronising way. Past guests have included Margot Robbie and Tina Brown (former editor of Vanity Fair).

Image Credit: Square Space

In Sight

While true crime mysteries can be weirdly fascinating, they’re also a sensitive topic; especially when serious crimes have occurred (we’re talkin’ murder) so the hosts of the ‘In Sight’ podcast do a great job of approaching stories with sensitivity whilst also being informative. They don’t shy away from discussing the details of a case, or theories that surround it but it’s all very focused -there’s no going off on a tangent here. If you listen to an episode each time you’re at the gym, we guarantee you’ll be wanting to stay on that cross trainer!

How I Built This
Image Credit: NPR

How I Built This with Guy Raz

Ever wondered how some of the most well known companies came to fruition? Here’s your chance to find out! It describes itself as being about ‘innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built’ and has included an impressive array of guests such as Sara Blakely (Spanx), Joe Gebbia (Airbnb), Richard Branson, Whitney Wolfe (Bumble) and Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn).

The Fringe of It
Image Credit: Acast

The Fringe of It by Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin

A newer podcast on the block, Liv Purvis and Charlotte Jacklin launched their bi-weekly podcast in February of this year and each one focuses on a certain theme. Over the last couple of months, they’ve covered everything from friendship to money to career journeys – all very relatable topics, whatever your age. Their next episode should be going live next week so be sure to tune in!

Image Credit: Harry Makes it Up

Full Coverage by Lindsey Kelk and Harriet Hadfield

If you’re a beauty junkie, this podcast is right up your street! ‘Full Coverage’ is another bi-weekly podcast that celebrates all things beauty, from new launches, cult classics, product reviews and popular news stories from the beauty world – it’s a podcast ‘by beauty addicts, for beauty addicts‘.

Image Credit: Kimberly Snyder

Deliciously Ella

If her Instagram Stories are anything to go by, it seems Ella Mills (AKA, Deliciously Ella) will soon be jumping on the podcast bandwagon. She’s built an incredible career from her plant-based recipes that have lead to book deals, a deli and her own line of granolas, cereal bars and ‘energy balls’ so we imagine her podcast will cover everything from nutrition to starting your own business – we can’t wait!


What are some of your favourite podcasts that we need to be listening to ASAP? Tweet us at @LookerHQ

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