Emma Watson is only 28 and already has many strings to her bow. As well as being able to maintain a successful film career outside of the franchise that made her a global superstar (Harry Potter in case you didn’t know) she’s an activist, a model, a UN Goodwill Ambassador, a Brown University graduate AND a Disney Princess. We feel tired just thinking about all that so it’s hard to imagine where Emma finds the time to do it all and still be one of the UK’s most fashion forward women, yet she does and this past weekend at Wimbledon was no exception…

Watson managed to give us not one but two amazing style moments for both the Women’s and Men’s finals on Saturday and Sunday respectively. For the Women’s final the actress paid homage to the players by attending in an all-white ensemble by Ralph Lauren choosing wide legged trousers, a waistcoat and blazer in a chic spin on masculine tailoring. The look was completed with summer essentials in the form of a fedora and sandals.

Sunday saw Emma attend the Men’s finals again in Ralph Lauren but this time in a tan-coloured vintage shirt dress cinched at the waist with a large brown belt and paired again with a fedora and sandals. Hair and makeup were kept simple and the outfit gave a message of being environmentally friendly given its vintage status- a cause which Emma actively works for in her charity work.

With such style on display we only have one word that could describe the woman who brought Hermione Granger into all of our hearts- MAGIC!

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