With all the excitement of the World Cup that’s currently all over social media, the newspapers and most likely amongst all our friends and family, it’s easy to forget that another huge sporting event is taking place- Wimbledon. The two-week world-famous tennis championship attracts celebrities and royalties alike and whilst the focus is obviously on the players for the most part, with so many well-dressed celebs in attendance it’s hard to not get wrapped up in the fashion scene that is brought to the annual event.

With that in mind we’ve scoured the Looker app and found some of the most Wimbledon worthy outfits that we think could give Princess Kate a run for her money…

Shop Melandri’s Style here

Although its technically only the players who have to adhere to the ‘all-white’ rule in terms of dressing at Wimbledon many spectators also choose to wear paler, more muted tones when in attendance. Take a leaf out of Melandri’s book and opt for a detailed skirt and statement blazer… just make sure not to get any strawberries down your outfit…

Shop Pinja’s Style here

Whilst there is no strict dress code at Wimbledon, attendees are encouraged to look as smart as possible (no jeans, trainers or overly large hats) and if attending Centre Court certain rules do apply. Why not use Pinja as your Wimbledon inspiration in this floral sundress to make sure that all your bases are covered just in case?

Shop Paulina’s Style here

Tradition is a big deal at Wimbledon, there’s no advertising allowed (not even overtly branded clothing which is why logos are always tiny on players clothing) and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (Will and Kate to us commoners) serve as patrons of the event and are often in attendance. Now we know the chances of being in the company of the Royals are slim to none but why risk it fashion-wise? Looker Paulina is royal-ready in this Ted Baker skirt, just in case Kate happens to offer a glass of bubbly…

Shop Ama’s Style here

One rule that applies for both men and women at Wimbledon is that shorts are permitted as long as they are tailored (so if you’re planning on attending with your fella tell him his three-quarter length board shorts have got to go). Luckily, we’ve got Lookers like Ama on hand to give us tennis appropriate style in this Zara blazer and shorts two piece. Accessorise with a big pair of sunnies and a large punnet of strawberries and cream for a real Wimbledon vibe.

Shop Huda’s Style here

As we mentioned previously, jeans are a huge no-no at Wimbledon however if dresses and/or shorts really aren’t your cup of tea why not go for a pair of tailored trousers to get in with the tennis fashion-pack? These pale blue Topshop beauties modelled by Looker Huda are sure to get you noticed in the stands of centre court.

Do you have any Wimbledon worthy outfits? Why not upload them to Looker here and SERVE as sombodys tennis inspo? We reckon they’ll LOVE you for it…


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