Everybody loves Whitney Houston. No matter your age you can almost guarantee that we’ve all belted out the dramatic ‘and iiiiii…’ of ‘I Will Always Love You’ after a few too many cocktails or danced until our feet hurt to ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ at a family wedding. The OG diva is responsible for giving us some of the most legendary ballads of all time (many of which are now favourites amongst XFactor auditionees- both good and bad) so with the release of a new film biopic in cinemas today it only seems right that we look at the iconic Ms. Houston’s best style moments…

The ‘How Will I Know?” dress

How will i know- tumblr
Photo Credit: Tumblr

Fun fact- ‘How Will I Know?’ was originally supposed to be recorded by Janet Jackson but she passed on it and it became the party favourite we know today by Whitney. The fashion on display is seriously 80s but in the best way possible and only a true diva would be able to make a silver chainmail dress, matching elbow length gloves and a bow as big as their head look chic.

SuperBowl Performance

Photo Credit: Billboard

Nowadays the SuperBowl Halftime Show is the real talking point of the sports season over in the US with the likes of Beyonce, Katy Perry and Bruno Mars all performing in recent years however back in the late 80s it was Whitney’s emotional rendition of the ‘Star Spangled Banner’ that cemented her as America’s sweetheart. Bare-faced and dressed in a simple tracksuit the performance is as well remembered for this moment in fashion as it is for the vocals.

The ‘It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay’ dress

its not right but its ok
Photo Credit: Pinterest 

Up until the release of ‘Its Not Right, but It’s Okay’ Whitneys personal style had been one of the typical girl next door but the late 90’s brought about a tougher, more sophisticated Whitney. A blunt bob in place of the usual big hair and a leather/PVC dress showed us that as well as possessing one of the greatest voices of all time the diva could also add ‘Style Icon’ to her talents.

The ‘Whitney’ album cover

album cover
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Sometimes simplicity is key, and Whitney proved that on the cover of her second album sporting a simple white vest, jeans, the signature curly hair and a huge smile. The look has since been paid homage to by singers such as Beyonce and SZA and is still one of the best remembered album covers of the 1980’s. Plus who doesn’t love a jeans and tee combo?

The 1986 Grammy’s

1986 grammys
Photo Credit: Vanity Fair

The bigger the hair, the closer to God right? Proving that saying to be somewhat accurate Whitney won her first Grammy award (her first of 7 in her career) in this still on-trend grecian style gown in a perfect shade of turquoise and big, big hair making sure she was the ‘Queen of the Night’.

Whats your favourite Whitney look? Are you excited to see the new film release? Let us know on Twitter and don’t forget to post your Whitney inspired outfits on the Looker app here!


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