Today is just another regular day for us Brits, but for our American pals it’s Independence Day (AKA, Fourth of July!). We may not have an invite to Taylor Swift’s annual 4th July party but we can get in on the act via our style – it’ll help ease our FOMO once celebrities start flooding our feeds with stars and stripes.

Pull & Bear via ASOS copy
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For a slightly more subtle way of injecting the American flag into your style, consider this  Pull&Bear oversized cover-up. A denim jacket is one of our wardrobe staples and is a perfect way to handle the transitional period in style (Spring to Summer and Summer to Autumn) so the flag print on the back gives it an instant update – FYI, it’s on sale so be quick!

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A band tee tucked into denim is always a classic go-to, The Rolling Stones’ graphic in particular is instantly recognisable all over the world. It’s been given many an update from different brands over the years but for a simple yet quirky touch, treat yourself to Missguided’s design with an American flag emblazoned tongue.

4th July Blog
Shop on Free PeopleStar Print Bikini and Striped Swimsuit

Just incase you can’t decide between embracing stars or stripes, Free People have designed on trend swimwear featuring both prints. The candy cane striped one-piece is ideal for lounging around the pool on your next vacay, while the star print bikini will help you stand out from other beachgoers – both are worthy of a space in your carry on!

Brandy Melville
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If you’re in London anytime soon, be sure to make a pitstop at Brandy Melville for all your graphic tee needs! ‘USA’ slogans are a common sight but if you want to be more specific, they’ve got sweatshirts and tee’s featuring places like Malibu, San Francisco and Boston. They’ve also got a UK website for those of us who don’t live in the capital, so treat yourself to a new top whenever you visit a major American city/state to turn a small part of your wardrobe into travel keepsakes!

Free People
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You can’t beat a classic pair of blue jeans but for a playful touch, opt for Free People’s retro-inspired star print design! Style it with a crop top or tucked in tee to flaunt the star cut-outs, ideally a white one so you can really ramp up the Americana feel in red, white and blue.

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Not one for the fashion wallflower, Missguided’s OTT trousers and matching crop top get-up is the outfit to wear on the off chance you’re attending a 4th July party. It’s not really celebrated in the UK unless one of your friends or family members is from the US, so if you do find yourself at an Independence Day party, go big or go home!


Will you be adding a touch of Americana to your outfit today? Show us how you’re embracing red, white and blue or stars and stripes on the Looker app!


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