From the Northern Quarter to the Arndale centre to the Heaton Park, it’s fair to say that Manchester is filled to the brim with places to see and to explore which means it’s also a great setting for getting the perfect Instagram streetstyle photo. The city is a great backdrop for all kinds of Insta images and has unique architecture and street art not found anywhere else in the country. So, grab your camera and jump on the train to shoot the best that Manchester has to offer…

The Northern Quarter

Screen Shot 2018-07-03 at 11.56.40.png
Photo Credit: manchesterrandomz

Manchester’s Northern Quarter is famous for being the alternative epi-centre of the city. Independent record stores, bookshops, bars and restaurants line the streets and there are a number of vintage clothes shops to satisfy your shopping craving. Head to any of the Northern Quarters displays of street art to get the best shot for your blog!

Central Library

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Located in the city’s St Peter’s Square (also good for Insta photos by the way because its unbelievably clean) Manchester Central Library was designed in 1934 and made to resemble the Pantheon in Rome. With its stone columns and large steps at the entrance the library is perfect for catching a style image against an architectural backdrop. Unfortunately, you can’t take photos inside but with the town hall around the corner and the new buildings in and around the square you’ll be spoilt for choice outside anyway!

The Refuge

Photo Credit:

Housed inside the Principal Hotel on Oxford Road, The Refuge is one of Manchester’s most photogenic hang outs. The main bar and restaurant area feels like you’ve just stepped into The Great Gatsby with its 1920s restored décor and dim lighting however it’s the bar’s Winter Garden that you’ll really want to be seen in. Located in the centre of the building the area is well known for its light up trees, glass walls and mosaiced floor. Bringing a little of the Mediterranean to Manchester.

Affleck’s Palace

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Ask any person of our age (mid-twenties if you must know) where they remember spending their Saturdays as a teenager and they’ll tell you it was Affleck’s Palace. The large indoor market is home to many independent business’ including tattooists, piercing parlours and vinyl stalls and was most famous for being the place to buy fashion during the 90s ‘Madchester’ era. Today it’s totally worth photographing for the band paraphernalia that is plastered all over the walls, a total Instagram throwback.

Salford Quays

Photo Credit: Manchester Evening News

If more modern architecture is more your thing then head to the Salford Quays which offer amazing views of The Lowry, the Imperial War Museum and MediaCityUK (home to ITV and BBC Studios) as well as gorgeous views of the water and the passing ships. Modern bridges cross the water at several points meaning you can also include the Quays themselves in your latest outfit images.

Do you have any secret Mancunian photo spots? Let us know on Twitter to Instagram and don’t forget to upload all your outfit pics to Looker here!


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