Pizza: the ultimate treat food. Had a bad day? Order a pizza. Found out some good news? Celebrate with a stuffed crust. Hungover? Polish off last night’s leftovers. Manchester is home to some phenomenal pizza – great news for our tastebuds, not so great news for our waistline and bank balance. Heading up north anytime soon? Take a look at some of the Looker team’s favourite spots to grab a slice or two…

Crazy Pedro’s 

If theres two things we love about pizza (we love many more but for the sake of this blog post lets say its two) it’s variety and getting a good deal. Thats why Crazy Pedro’s is the answer to all of our pizza prayers. Their lunch time deal of two slices and a drink for a fiver (or a beer for £6 if you’re having one of those days) is far superior to our usual meal deal. There’s plenty of out-there toppings to choose from – try their signature ‘Blueberry Hill’, blueberries on pizza sounds weird but tastes so right!

Check out the menu here.

Rudy’s Neopolitan Pizza

Ask any Mancunians where to go for pizza and we guarantee you’ll hear ‘Rudy’s’ several times. They’ve recently opened their second pizza joint, closer to the city centre (their first is located in Ancoats) so is the perfect place to refuel over lunch or after work! They use high-quality Italian ingredients and hand-stretch their dough ‘the Neapolitan way‘ before cooking for just 60 seconds to keep the pizza light and soft – they taste even better than they look!

Check out the menu here.


The only thing better than pizza? 2 for 1 pizza – Monday’s don’t have the best reputation but get yours off to a great start thanks to Enzo’s ‘Monday Madness’ 2 for 1 pizza (or pasta) deal! It’s perfectly located just off the city centre’s Market Street so is the ideal pitstop after a morning spent hitting the shops.

Check out the menu here.

Albert’s Schloss

A firm favourite amongst the Looker team, Albert’s Schloss is our go-to for incredible comfort food – their truffle and parmesan fries are to die for but their ‘alpine pizza’s‘ are insanely good and they’re photogenic. Do like us and split a pizza between two of you (our recommendation: the nduja, chorizo and flamed red pepper one) then opt for a couple of sides.

Check out the menu here.

Dogs ‘n Dough 

If you can find Dogs ‘n Dough you’re in for one of Manchesters best pizza experiences (hint: it’s located on Bow Street but is technically underground). Specialising in pizza and hot dogs, as the name would suggest, Dogs ‘n Dough is only open 4 days a week so get there while you can! Give the Mac and Cheese pizza a go for a carb on carb experience – see if you can beat us (we managed about two thirds of it before admitting defeat).

Check out the menu here.


Situated just off Albert’s Square (and dangerously close to our office…), CROMA describe themselves as ‘the best pizza restaurant & takeaway in Manchester‘ and though they might be biased, they aren’t far off the mark. Their toppings might not be as adventurous as the likes of Dog’s ‘n Dough or Crazy Pedro’s, but sometimes you just can’t beat a crispy pizza with fresh Italian ingredients.

Check out the menu here.

Honest Crust 

Located in two Manchester destinations (Altrincham and Mackie Mayor in the city’s Northern Quarter), Honest Crust is the go to place for freshly made pizza. As you can see from the picture above, the street food feel is totally Instagrammable and the company has been named as a favourite from our vegan friends thanks to its vegan-friendly options. Winner!


Like many of Manchester’s best food and drink spots, Ply resides in the Northern Quarter  where their sourdough pizzas are cooked in a woodfired oven for an authentic taste. Their drinks menu includes twists on classic cocktails but when it comes to their pizzas, they focus on simplicity and the finest ingredients – if you’re a veggie, vegan or gluten-free, you’re also well taken care of!

Check out the menu here.



Had some incredible pizza at a place we’ve not mentioned? Tweet us to let us know where – we might have to head there in the name of research…

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