Planning a holiday is one of our favourite things – you’ll soon be exploring a new city or country, and you have an excuse to invest in a new wardrobe (not that we ever need a reason!). Then there’s the not so great parts: how do you avoid overpacking? Which stores sell must-have holiday pieces? How do you step off a plane looking fresh? Lucky for you, our Lookers have your back!

Bex Robb

What is your most memorable travel experience?

Probably arriving in Moscow, Russia. It’s completely different to any other city I’ve ever visited – almost surreal. There was very little English – spoken or written – which made things a little tricky, particularly choosing something from a food menu purely written in Russian! But seeing the Red Square in the flesh was worth it. I felt like a modern day Anastasia.

Would you ever consider living abroad and if so, where?

I love living in Scotland. I’m used to the climate, the culture and just adore Edinburgh. Saying that though, I do have dreams of living in New York City – preferably Manhattan’s Upper East Side with a view onto Central Park. I’d swan around in my expensive loafers and take cabs to my super trendy office. THE. DREAM.

Which are your go-to retailers for your holiday wardrobe?

Well, I could go on forever here but to narrow it down, I’m definitely into online stores such as Nobody’s Child and Neon Rose. Their summer collections are just so fresh, with ditsy prints and flowy silhouettes that are perfect for a holiday. Also, Zara is great for basics like t-shirts, simple white blouses (with added ruffles, of course) and casual paper-bag waist shorts in an assortment of neutral colours. Basically, when it comes to my holiday wardrobe, I opt for a mix of everyday basics and ‘on trend’ pieces, all at a reasonable price point.

Top 3 dream holiday destinations?

Being someone who doesn’t do relaxing holidays well, I’d always choose a city break over a beach holiday. I like the whole ‘summer in the city’ style – cool, chic and laidback. And I love sightseeing, shopping and discovering the most Instagrammable coffee joints! That being said, I’ve thrown in the ultimate beachy holiday location to my top 3: St Petersburg, Russia, Vancouver, Canada and somewhere in the heart of French Polynesia.

Juliet Mochabo

What are your top tips to avoid overpacking when going away?

Plan ahead considering the length of holiday. Know activities you’ll be taking part in e.g shopping, nature trips etc. Always take the weather into consideration to and from your destination – Mother Nature changes her mind sometimes, too!

Do you prefer city breaks or beach holidays?

Beach holidays! Always, you can never have enough sun!

What items of clothing have you got your eye on for your next holiday?

Dresses from ASOS – take all of my money, please! Swimsuits and cover-ups from Pretty Little Thing’s premium range! I love a bit of EXTRA. Co-ord sets from Missguided, their pieces bring out the baddie in me 😉. All are a definite must when I pack.

Which places are on your travel bucket list?

Paris, Santorini and Egypt.

Lavinya Blog Image
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Which are your go-to retailers for your holiday wardrobe?

H&M, ASOS and Primark. H&M always have great swimwear pieces you can mix and match, and the best selection of accessories: sun hat, sunglasses, beach bags – they aways have it covered. ASOS is where I find my key outfits because they stock so many different brands, gorgeous bardot dresses, jumpsuits and a nice pair of denim shorts which are always a part of my summer wardrobe! And Primark is my go-to for basics, perfect for crop tops, T-shirts and comfy plane outfits!

Where has been your favourite place that you’ve visited?

Marmaris, Turkey. I have been there twice and loved it both times! The country is so peaceful and everywhere you look the view is beautiful. They have the most gorgeous beaches, clear blue water and cocktails on tap, and the food! Ugh, I loved it so much! ♥️

What’s your favourite thing about travelling?

I feel like I’m my best self in the sun! I love meeting new people, locals and other travellers – it’s nice to share experiences. I also love getting to try out new activities I wouldn’t dare to do or have access to back home. Jet skiing, snorkelling, camel rides and quad bikes = the best times of my life!

What are your must-have beauty essentials when travelling?

Ooh, I love using e.l.f Hydrogel Eye Masks on the plane journey, they really help reduce puffiness and increase hydration. I then use my vitamin E serum which really boosts moisture in my skin. What’s great about travelling to sunny destinations is I hardly need my makeup stash but I still like to use my Neutrogena Hydro Boost Cleansing Facial Wipes to clean off the day.

Zoë Meers

How many countries have you been to and where are you planning on heading next?

I’ve been to a handful of different countries – maybe 7 or 8 – and mainly within Europe so far. I travelled a lot when I was younger to countries like Greece, Malta and Spain then after a ten year gap, I started jetting off again 2 years ago for city breaks such as Berlin and Porto. I’m very keen to broade my horizons and go somewhere much further afield for my next trip, which will be in September for our honeymoon. We haven’t booked it yet, we’re going to grab a last minute deal and see where the wind takes us.

Do you prefer travelling alone or with someone?

I definitely prefer to travel with someone and share the experience, however I love seeing others head off for a solo jaunt as it seems like such a peaceful way of travelling.

Are you an organised packer or an overpacker?

I’m definitely an organised packer! I’m testing the limits of how long a stay I can survive on just my hand luggage; the longest I’ve managed so far has been a week. My wardrobe at home is full to bursting with things I can’t bear to part with, but when I go on holiday I refine a capsule wardrobe and take the bare minimum…I’ve got it down to a fine art now!

What’s your most memorable travel experience?

It’s not exotic, I guess, but my most memorable travel experience was going to Blackpool for my 8th birthday. My mum saved up for months to be able to take me and my little brother there for a weekend. It was in August and it was gloriously sunny. The combination of the seaside, the fair and then the lights along the seafront at night (it’s bright and colourful, even outside of illuminations season) felt absolutely magical to 8 year old me, I’ll never forget it.

Chloé Sweetman

What’s your favourite thing about travelling?

My favourite thing about traveling is experiencing different cultures and learning about the history of different places, for me there’s nothing more fascinating. I remember going to Egypt when I was younger, travelling around all of the amazing historical sights. I was SHOOK. Incredible! I think if you consider history and culture – Egypt and Italy are hard to beat (Rome especially) Mamma Mia!

How do you decide which city or country to visit next? 

Obviously everyone has their own list of dream places they’d love to visit – I’m working my way through! My main criteria is somewhere that has a good balance; places to visit and places to chill out and relax (it is a holiday after all!). City escapes are amazing, however I enjoy to balance it out with a beach break to unwind after all the sight-seeing.

What items have you got your eye on for your next holiday? 

When holiday shopping I like to pick the classics. You can’t beat a cute floaty summer dress and a good pair of denim shorts. They never go out of fashion! At the minute I’m LOVING all of the swimwear trends, so I’ve definitely got my eye on some nice retro sporty sets. Co-ords also still seem to be everywhere and remain a great holiday investment because you can mix and match with different outfits. I’m on the lookout for a nice culotte and crop top combo – dress it up at night or down for exploring in the day!

Do you save any keepsakes from your holidays e.g ticket stubs, wristbands, souvenir photos etc?

I always hold onto little memories from holidays. Tickets and postcards – anything that reminds me of the time I spent there, and don’t forget the fridge magnet for mum and dad! 


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