If there’s one thing we love at Looker, its catching on to a trend and then seeing it all over social media or, even better, if we see it all over the app. This season the high street has been awash with catwalk inspired trends from polka dots to stripes, so of course our ever-stylish Lookers have caught on right away and the app has been filled to the brim with the latest looks. Naturally, with this much fashion in one place some pieces are bound to be seen on more than one person but rather than gasping at the thought of a ‘same dress on the red carpet’ moment we’re loving seeing how our users are styling the same piece differently. Here’s our pick of outfits we’ve been ‘seeing double’ of on the app…

Tasmine and Amelia

Shop Tasmine’s style here, Shop Amelia’s style here

We’re not saying that Looker is responsible for this cult dress being a complete style hit for Topshop, but it has been posted a few times on the app and is now the retailers best-selling piece for Spring/Summer (currently being sold on eBay for £200 just FYI), sooo coincidence? If you’ve been lucky enough to get your hands on the holy grail of summer dresses, you’ll know it’s incredibly versatile and can be styled in a variety of ways. Looker Tasmine styles it with a casual denim shirt to make it the perfect day dress whilst Amelia adds heels and simple jewellery to let the dress do the talking as a night piece. All we need now is a Topshop restock.

Ffi and Sarah

Shop Ffi’s style here, Shop Sarah’s style here

The perfect wrap skirt is hard to come by and we’ve spent many a shopping trip trying to find one that’s both flattering and eye catching, note- we still haven’t managed to. Luckily Lookers Sarah and Ffi seem to have nailed it in this green Topshop skirt. Both styled with a simple black top and trainers (Converse vs Vans in this case) it’s the perfect length and cut to add to our summer wardrobe whilst the floral print keeps it on-trend for the S/S 18 season. We’ll be sure to grab one for ourselves on our next Topshop haul.

Emma and Sophia-Rosemary

Shop Emma’s style here, Shop Sophia-Rosemary’s style here

If there’s one staple we have in our wardrobe that we wear all year round it’s our trusty band t-shirt. It’s the perfect piece to wear with anything and if we’re being honest we’d wear it for every occasion if we could. Well it seems that Lookers Sophia Rosemary and Emma have had the band tee memo and have been styling out this Urban Outfitters Rolling Stones t-shirt in a variety of ways. Emma keeps it traditional pairing with jeans whilst Sophia Rosemary styles it out with striped skirt and sandal combo to give it a more ‘dressed up’ look. We’re a fan of both…and the Rolling Stones obvs.

Katie and Dee

Shop Katie’s style here, Shop Dee’s style here

The usual fashion rules say that pink and red shouldn’t be put together but we’re never one for following rules so we’re loving this Topshop blouse in a pink and red clashing stripe print modelled by our Lookers Katie and Dee. Both have been styled with equally statement pieces, a leather skirt as seen on Katie adds a contrast to the floaty material of the top whilst Dee’s red boots add another pop of colour to make a real stand out outfit.

Lavinya and Ellie

Shop Lavinya’s style here, Shop Ellie’s style here

Topshop have done it again (we’re starting to see a pattern here) and have created another best-selling polka-dot dream, this time in the form of this navy blue maxi dress with lace trim as seen on Lookers Lavinya and Ellie. The dress is a perfect alternative if you haven’t been able to get your hands on the previously mentioned white number (or if you’re just prone to spilling like we are) and great for dressing up or down. Lavinya’s trainers and fedora look is a fab daytime look whilst Ellie shows us that a jacket over the shoulders takes the dress from work to after-work drinks just as easily. If you need us, we’ll be stocking up at Topshop…

Have you seen any ‘double trouble’ outfits on the Looker app? Follow you faves for all the latest style inspo and outfit posts!



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