A documentary on the legendary fashion designer, Alexander McQueen, hits the big screen tomorrow featuring behind-the-scenes videos, archive footage and interviews with his friends and family to give viewers a glimpse into the late designer’s life. He was one of the most influential and controversial figures of 90’s and 00’s fashion, with his catwalk shows almost as iconic as the designs that strutted down them. His runways always had a theatrical element that entertained the fashion crowd season after season, with some of the most iconic below.


The Widows of Culloden, Fall 2006

One of his most memorable catwalk moments was the hologram of Kate Moss that appeared at the end of his Fall 2006 collection. He was never one to shy away from technological advances, with the hologram of Kate creating an almost ghostlike/eerie finish to his show (if you went to the Savage Beauty exhibition at the V&A, you would’ve seen a replica!).

Click here to watch a video of the hologram.


No.13, Spring 2009

Shalom Harlow being spray painted during a show finale is considered to be one of the greatest London Fashion Week moments of all time. Despite its creativity, there’s actually a deeper meaning behind it; McQueen was making a statement about computerised production processes within the fashion industry.

Alexander McQueen show, Spring / Summer 2010 Paris Fashion Week, Paris, France - 06 Oct 2009

Plato’s Atlantis, Spring 2010

The Spring 2010 catwalk was the last show where McQueen was present, with the designer taking his own life less than six months later. It’s widely described as one of his best collections – the ‘armadillo’ boot (featured in the above image) were one of the stand out pieces and have become his most recognisable footwear design. Unsurprisingly, Lady Gaga invested in a pair!


Voss, Spring 2001

For his Spring 2001 show, models were ‘trapped’ in a mirrored box in order to resemble an asylum with padded cells. To create an even more uncomfortable and tense atmosphere for attendees, McQueen delayed the show by an hour and soundtracked their wait to the pulse of a heartbeat.


Untitled, Spring 1998

The collection was initially named ‘The Golden Shower’ before American Express (the show’s sponsors) realised the sexual connotations and refused to allow it, forcing  it to be renamed to ‘Untitled’. Golden drops fell from the ceiling and drenched the models during the finale, causing mascara to run down their faces and turn their white outfits see-through.

Image Credit: Marie Claire

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