With Coachella over and done with, it’s the UK festival circuits time to shine with Manchester’s Parklife Festival taking place this weekend and Isle of Wight Festival later this month. Packing wellies and a waterproof are a must with our unpredictable weather, but if you’re a first-timer or convinced you’re going to forget something – use the below as a last-minute checklist (we’ve also included some festi-fashion inspiration from Looker users!).

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 16.35.14

Ouai Morning After Kit from Cult Beauty

If travel sized shampoos and conditioners leave your hair looking more limp rather than Blake Lively-esque, get your hands on the Oaui Morning After Kit to transform your tresses in a matter of minutes! (Ouai is the brainchild of Jen Atkin, the go-to hair guru for A-lister’s like Kendall Jenner, Jessica Alba and Chrissy Teigen).


Carry Cap Bobble Water Bottle from Amazon

It’s not the most glamorous of pre-festival purchases but it’ll save you spending £3+ on a bottle of Volvic from overpriced food vans. A lot of festivals have taps on site where you can fill up your bottle with drinking water, free of charge – you’ll also be doing your bit to help save the environment since the bottles are reusable!


Carly Pebbled Bumbag from Topshop

For a long time, bum bags (AKA, fanny packs) didn’t have the best rep in the fashion industry after 90’s fashion died down, but like a lot of trends from over two decades ago – they’ve made a resurgence. However the ‘in’ way to wear them now is across your body rather than below the waist – keep your essentials (phone, money, MAC lippie etc) in a secure but on trend bit of arm candy.

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 16.55.36

Eucerin Sun Allergy Protection Creme-Gel SPF50 from Boots

The UK doesn’t have the best track record with staying dry while festivals are on but on the off chance you see a glimpse of sun, protect even the most sensitive skin with this Eucerin creme-gel hybrid. We know applying Factor 50 isn’t seen as a good thing when everyone wants a sunkissed glow, but you’ll be thanking us when you’re not walking round looking like a typical Brit abroad.


Rose Gold Portable Charger from Urban Outfitters

It’s easy to forget how fast your phone battery can drain when you’re taking endless selfies and filming the headliners, so make sure you’ve got enough battery to track down your tent at 3am via the torch on your phone with this portable charger from Urban Outfitters – it’s on trend thanks to the rose gold finish and practical.


Simple Kind to Skin Cleansing Facial Wipes from Simple 

We know, we know – face wipes aren’t the greatest for your skin but lugging round bottles of cleanser, toner, serums and moisturisers aren’t the most practical for a festival. Using them over a long period of time won’t do wonders for your complexion but if your only choices are between swiping these over your face before bed or sleeping with a face full of slap, opt for the wipes!


Other last minute buys:

  • Plasters: Dance into the early hours, pain free!
  • Paracetamol: Festivals don’t have a Maccie’s or Greggs so you’ll have to rely on another hangover cure.
  • Loo roll/tissues and hand sanitiser: Probably TMI but the toilet situation at festivals isn’t pretty – get yourself some loo roll, hand sanitiser and a strong stomach.
  • Toothpaste/mouthwash: Even if you’re covered in mud for a couple of days, at least your pearly whites will be well looked after.
  • Snacks: you can’t live off a liquid diet for three days!


Festi-fashion from our Lookers:

Shop Nicole’s Style on Looker

If there’s a certain fashion or beauty trend you’ve been wanting to try out but it’s a little out of your comfort zone, a festival is the perfect place to experiment! You won’t see the majority of attendee’s ever again so if you’re not feelin’ it after testing out a look, no harm done. Do like Nicole and embrace head-to-toe print with 70’s inspired sunnies for an ultimate festival vibe!

Shop Shanice’s Style on Looker 

Camouflage is still going strong with the likes of Rita Ora, Fearne Cotton and Zendaya all finishing off their outfits with a camo cover-up! Double up on the print á la Shanice by opting for different shades to keep it looking less like a uniform and more on trend.

Shop Ffi’s Style on Looker 

Wearing a midi-skirt to a festival isn’t the most obvious choice but as long as you pair it with a basic tee and a pair of battered kicks, it’s surprisingly wearable! Go for a printed skirt like Ffi to ensure you’ve got at least one stand-out piece in your festival get-up.


Heading to Parklife of Isle of Wight this month? Post your festival-bound fashion on the Looker app.

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