Being a Manchester based company, those of us at Looker have a special soft spot for Ariana Grande. With the recent anniversary of the tragic events of last year’s arena attack, we were reminded of how much Manchester has taken the 23-year-old pop diva into our hearts. Ariana is multi-talented – she acts, dances and has a 4-octave voice (which is apparently something really good, we wouldn’t know not being global singing superstars ourselves…) plus, she finds time to do charity work and empower her young fans!

So, with all this and more to love about her; here’s a rundown of some of the reasons we love Ari and why you should too.

She’s completely unafraid to be a feminist

ariana feminism pinterest
Photo Credit: Pinterest

Given today’s political and social climate, it’s sometimes frustrating to identify as a feminist. Ariana is 100% not bothered and often makes her beliefs known in interviews, proudly stating that ‘… I want to speak out about things that I’m passionate about because it affects everyone, not just women, everyone.” She’s the definition of a boss and we’re SO on board with that!

She’s devoted to her fans

Ariana Fans (Pinterest)
Photo Credit: Pinterest

We’re so used to hearing about A-listers being backstage divas that it’s almost a shock when we hear about celebrities being nice. That’s never been the case with Ariana who has a reputation for being an all-round lovely woman, especially when it comes to her fans. Affectionately known as ‘Arianators’, Ariana often communicates via social media with her legions of fans, as well as providing warm drinks and foods for those that wait out in the cold to get autographs, and after the arena attack she spent hours visiting victims in the hospital. We don’t want to sound soppy but she’s quite possibly a real-life angel…

Her style

Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan/Pinterest/Perez Hilton

On a more fun note, we can’t help but notice that Ariana pretty much slays every red carpet she ever steps foot on. From her early days as a Nickelodeon Star rocking mini dresses and heels, to her recent Met Gala appearance where she stunned us all in an elaborate Vera Wang gown, there’s no denying that the ‘Dangerous Woman’ singers style is anything but dangerous. Oh, and a moment of appreciation for that amazing signature ponytail she sports, we wish our gym pony’s looked that good!

She claps back

ariana buzzfeed
Photo Credit: Buzzfeed

In keeping with her feminist beliefs, Ariana isn’t one to shy away from calling out online abuse aimed at her or sexist comments made by interviewers. There are countless clips of the star shooting down misogynistic comments made to her in interviews, including the time she commented ‘you need to brush up on equality’ to one radio host who dared to suggest that the unicorn emoji was only for girls and that women are more obsessed with their phones. She even penned an open essay regarding the sexist remarks she had received following a 2015 break up, stating, The double standard and misogyny are still ever present. I can’t wait to live in a world where people are not valued by who they’re dating’. Ariana, we salute you!

She’s multi-talented

Photo Credit: Daily Mail

Amazing activism aside, we can’t forget that Ariana is one of the most multi-talented artists in the industry today. Getting her big break as a child star in the Nickelodeon show ‘Victorious’ and its spin-off ‘Sam & Kat’, Ariana has gone on to star in Hairspray Live and Scream Queens (in which she has the most iconic death scene just FYI). On top of this, she’s had three multi-platinum albums, won three American Music Awards, received four Grammy nominations and created a line of lipsticks with MAC! Talk about keeping busy…

She’s a survivor

Photo Credit- Metro

More than anything though we love Ariana for the resilience she showed after the attack at her concert in 2017. Rather than hiding away from the public she chose to come back fighting and organised the ‘One Love Manchester’ with proceeds going to the families of those affected by the attack. Since then, she’s gone on to dedicate songs to the victims, send messages of hope to the victim’s families via social media and even recently had a bee tattoo in memory of those who lost their lives. Speaking of the attack and its aftermath earlier this year, Ari revealed that at first, she was hesitant to host the benefit concert but that when thinking of the attack “The last thing I would ever want is for my fans to see something like that happen and think it won.” We can’t help but agree on that one.


Do you love Ariana Grande as much as we do? Let us know on Twitter!


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