Between Kate Middleton popping out another royal sprog and Prince Harry’s recent wedding to Meghan, the world’s media have been keeping a close eye on the Windsor clan – particularly on Kate and Meghan’s style. If you’re after a more affordable take on classic elegance, nobody does it quite like Emma! She has a midi-skirt collection to rival off-duty A-lister’s and we’re beyond jealous of her ability to make high-street pieces look designer. Get to know her a little better below…

Dream holiday destination? 

Fiji, I’ve always wanted to go! It looks tropical, romantic and it’s a really special location.

Are you a morning person or a night owl? 

Can I say neither?! I find it really hard to initially wake up but once I’m up, I’m up! If it’s past 11pm, your chances of socialising with me are ZERO!

Who are your favourite users on Looker? 

I love Ramona Gohil for classic but on trend style. Amelia Copeman also has great style and finds some fab Zara steals! Bex Robb is super on trend, I love having a nosey at what she’s styling now.

What are your top tips for taking a good outfit picture? 

Good lighting is crucial, it can make or break the shot. I also love a good background, I tend to go through themes throughout the year but spring pastels are my favourite.

Gucci or Prada? 

Gucci, they have made a serious comeback!

Favourite pizza topping?

Controversial but I love Hawaiian.

Which of the Fashion Weeks is your favourite out of New York, London, Milan and Paris? 

One of my favourite styles is chic Parisian so I have to say Paris! If someone comments on my outfit with the word ‘chic’, they are instantly my friend!

How do you cheer yourself up after a bad day?

In true blogger style, I love a lush bath! I light some candles and put on Jessie Ware’s album. I’m also currently obsessed with Orange is the New Black – I know I’m late to the party but I’m here now!

Which designer item are you determined to one day own? 

The Chanel classic flap will forever be my most wanted fashion item!

What are your top 5 favourite brands to shop from?

I love ASOS because it has a wide variety all under one roof. Whistles make great quality, elegant pieces that are sure to get you noticed! Maje makes the most gorgeous items that make you feel like a million dollars. Zara is one of those shops that I can enter with nothing in mind and come out £250 lighter 😳. Club Monaco is a brand that although pricey, they do timeless classics like no other. Everything is elegant, sophisticated and stands the test of time.

Follow Emma on the Looker app to shop her style!

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