Did somebody say new skincare? With the weather improving in recent weeks it finally feels like it’s time to switch from our winter skincare routine to our summer one – when shifting over, we always find that it’s best to start with a deep cleansing facemask to balance out and refresh our winter-worn skin to prep it for the warmer weather ahead.

With this in mind, we compiled a list of 10 of the best facemasks for all skin types! The best bit? They’re all under a tenner! So now it’s even easier to get flawless summer skin on a budget. If you need us, we’ll be stocking up in the skincare aisle…

SKIN TYPE: Oily/Blemish Prone

Oily skin tends to age more slowly but that’s really where the benefits of being a bit shinier than normal really end. Luckily there are plenty of products out there for oily and blemish prone skin that are sure to help regulate sebum production and leave you with flawless, matte skin in no time.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 09.38.41
Shop L’Oreal Clay Masks here

L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Masks are specially formulated with specific types of clay that deeply purify and soak up excess oil. We love their green Purity Mask with eucalyptus extract which not only does what it says but smells amazing too!

Shop Nip+Fab Face Masks here

The mask that was a social media sensation, Nip + Fab’s Glycolic Fix Bubble Mask, is now available as part of its best-selling glycolic range. The mask foams up when applied to actively draw put impurities and clogged pores plus it’s for sure the most Instagrammable face mask available.


Anybody who has dry skin will know that it’s hard to find skincare that is truly moisturising and requires little to no reapplication throughout the day. Don’t despair! Many facemasks are now on the market which can provide moisture boosts to even the driest of skin. This means that products applied afterwards absorb more effectively and can help balance out flaky patches; resulting in smoother and hydrated skin in time for summer.


quick fix
Shop Quick Fix Face Masks Here

Quick Fix Facials Mega Moisture Gel Mask is packed full of Hyaluronic Acid and Marine Collagen which helps skin to retain moisture and leave skin hydrated and fresh feeling.


NÜGG Hydrating Face Mask uses all-natural ingredients to not only deeply hydrate dry skin but also gently exfoliate away any flakiness and restore smooth, plump skin that’s perfect for the warmer weather.

SKIN TYPE: Sensitive

Sensitive skin can be a tricky one to treat, especially if you’re sensitive to colourings and anything that’s too perfumed. The change in weather can also be a problem for sensitive skin so it’s essential that any products you use are gentle and nourishing to prevent any damage or flare ups.

Shop Simple Face Masks here

Simple Deep Cleansing Face Mask is specially formulated for sensitive skin (as all of Simple’s products are) and contains seaweed extract and essential vitamins which are perfect for drawing out impurities as well as soothing sensitive skin.

garnierSheet masks are all the rage right now and Garnier’s SkinActive Tissue Masks have been a beauty counter staple for a while. Their chamomile infused mask is designed for sensitive skin and helps alleviate any feelings of tightness and dryness. This one’s a winner all round for us!

SKIN TYPE: Mature 

As skin gets older it needs more care and attention to keep it looking radiant and flawless (this means staying hydrated and no sleeping in your make-up ladies) so a weekly face mask is the perfect way to pamper yourself and keep your skin looking 10 years younger.

dr jart
Shop Dr Jart+ Face Masks here

Dr Jart+ Rubber Mask ‘Firm Lover’ is a two-step facemask that has been developed to visibly lift and contour your face. Firstly, the anti-aging serum is applied to the skin followed by the rubber sheet mask which helps to prevent the serum from evaporating and allows maximum hydration. It all sounds very technical to us, but we’re definitely sold!

star skin
Shop StarSkin Face Masks here

Star Skin’s Red Carpet Hydrating Mask is another facemask that uses serum infusions to work its wonders on your skin. Also containing coconut juice and essential amino acids, this mask is sure to give you skin to envy any A-Lister!

BONUS SKINCARE: Overnight Masks

A good pamper session should leave you feeling ready to take on the world and what better way to make sure this happens than letting your facemask work for you while you get a good nights kip? Our skin does its biggest rejuvenation while we’re asleep and these masks are sure to give you a morning glow that coffee just can’t achieve.

Shop Tony Moly Face Masks here

Tony Moly Magic Food Banana Sleeping Mask may be the most fun packaging we’ve ever seen for a skincare product! The mask gives you rich nutrition and claims to soften, soothe and moisturise all while you’re sleeping. Plus, it’s shaped like a banana! What’s not to love?

garnier 2
Shop Garnier Face Masks here

Ok, so technically Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream is a night cream but if there’s one thing that Garnier know how to do well, it’s night time skincare! Use this cream as a post-mask moisturiser before you go to bed to wake up looking less fatigued and with a gorgeous radiant glow (their words not ours).

Do you have any facemasks that you can’t be without? Let us know on Instagram and Twitter.

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Image credit: All photos are from brands own website.




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