This weekend saw the return of Europe’s most flamboyant event, the Eurovision Song Contest. Whether you love it or hate it, there’s no denying that the annual singing competition never fails to bring the best in glitz, glamour and showmanship that the continent has to offer. From elaborate dance routines to some questionable fashion choices (we’re looking at you Moldova) Saturday night’s final was everything you’d expect from Eurovision.

Host country Portugal decided to do away with the usual use of big screens and flashy LED lighting that has helped some past entries nab their win, meaning that this years participating nations had to think of other ways to cause a splash and rack those points up. So, from light up dresses to stage diving Hungarians here’s a rundown of Eurovision 2018’s extra AF moments…

Ukraine’s flaming staircase

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This year’s show was opened by singer Melovin of Ukraine and it set the bar high with its use of coffins, pianos and most notably, a staircase that was set on fire! Because honestly, what’s Eurovision without the undead playing a piano while the stage is alight?

Estonia’s light up dress

estonia 2
Photo Credit- The Independent

As we said before, this year’s contest had no screens or backdrop that entrants could use so other visuals had to be used to get noticed, and boy did Estonia get noticed. Opera singer Elina Nechayeva performed her song, La Forza, in a huge 52 square metre dress that lit up AND had animations depicting the lyrics of the song projected on to it! The whole thing was visually (and vocally) stunning and helped Estonia land a Top 10 position.

United Kingdom Stage Invasion

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Perhaps the most talked about part of the night came from our very own performance! During SuRie’s performance of the U.K’s entry ‘Storm’ (which is pretty good for a Eurovision song by the way) she was interrupted by a political activist who snatched the mic from the singer before being dragged off by security. However, like a true professional, SuRie carried on and finished her set to a massive round of applause and the whole crowd singing along – go on girl!

Israel’s surprise win

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The bookies favourite was Cyprus, the juries vote went to Austria, but it was the popular vote awarded by viewers that saw Israel rocket to the top of the leaderboard and take the win for this year’s contest. Singer Netta’s infectious pop song ‘I’m Not Your Toy’ was a song of empowerment and a reaction to the #MeToo movement. When asked how she felt upon her win, Netta replied “Thank you for choosing me. Thank you for choosing different. Thank you for choosing daring. I love you, keep that going. Do good to others, be good to yourselves,”. Who said Eurovision was all about cheesy songs and terrible music?

Graham Norton’s one liners

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No list about Eurovision would be complete without mentioning the ‘King of Eurovision’ himself, Graham Norton. The TV personality is famous for his commentary of the contest and yet again, he didn’t disappoint! From his “I give it a month” regarding the fact that Spain’s entry were a real life couple, to his comments on Bulgaria’s costuming “Some people love the song. I haven’t met any of them, but that’s what I’m told.”, Graham was on tip-top sassy form and had us laughing out loud watching.


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