Remember a world before Netflix? When you would have to spend ages flicking through the channels for something to watch and even then it would only be a weekly episode of anything good you found. Oh! And God forbid you find two things that were on at the same time and had to choose!

Thank God for Netflix! All the TV shows and films you could ever want in one place and you can have as many as you like on the go at the same time. Perfect.

So because sometimes all you want to do is lose a whole day watching TV here’s a rundown of six of the most binge-worthy shows currently on Netflix or coming to the streaming service in the next few weeks…

13 Reasons Why

Season 1 was an absolute rollercoaster of emotions so you can be almost sure that Season 2 of Netflix’s teen drama will leave us in a similar state of heartbreak. Thirteen new episodes are set to hit screens on May 18th and as we can see from the newly released trailerthe tapes were just the beginning‘ meaning we’ve got more mystery and cliff hangers coming our way. Sign us up now!

The Rain

As if we didn’t already hate rainy days enough, Netflix have now released a show where rain is actually deadly! The Rain takes place in Denmark six years after a deadly virus carried by rainwater has wiped out nearly all human life in Scandinavia and tells the story of a group of survivors setting out to find signs of life.

We don’t know about you but we definitely won’t be looking at rain clouds the same way again…

Watch the trailer here.

The Alienist

Ok, so who here has a guilty pleasure of scaring themselves silly by watching serial killer documentaries? *raises both hands*. If this relates to you too then we highly recommend The Alienist as your next boxset. Set in 1896, the series stars Luke Evans (of Beauty and The Beast fame) and Dakota Fanning as a team of detectives investigating the case of a serial killer who is lose on the streets of New York. Not only is it complete edge-of-your-seat stuff it provides cool historical insight into the beginnings of criminology.

Maybe not one to watch alone at night though…

Watch the trailer here.

Lost in Space

If sci-fi is more your thing then Netflix has plenty of that on offer too! New futuristic drama Lost in Space was released earlier this month and has everything you’re looking for in the science fiction genre: spaceships, aliens, crash landings – all the good stuff. Plus there’s the added bonus of viewers on social media confessing that they think the robot character is hot which is a bit weird but we’re not here to judge…

Watch the trailer here.

One Day At A Time

To be honest all of May’s binge-worthy shows are a little on the dark side, so for a bit of light relief why not give One Day At A Time a go? The sitcom revolves around a Cuban-American family and their day-to-day lives touching on topics such as politics, LGBTQ+ issues and mental health all from a respectful but hilarious point of view. Plus Rita Moreno as Lydia is all kinds of sass goals!

Watch the trailer here.


Ok so the new series isn’t due to be released until July but that’s all the excuse you need to rewatch the first four seasons of the crime thriller and isn’t that what Netflix is all about? The fifth season of the hit show is set to pick up exactly where the Season 4 cliffhanger of a finale left off, as well as adding more plot twists and turns. If anybody needs us we’ll be in our PJ’s all weekend catching up in preparation!

Watch the trailer here.



Let us know what you’re looking forward to binge-watching this month!

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Image credit: Glamour NL


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