In honour of Leighton Meester going platinum blonde, we thought we’d take a look back on some of the style lessons we learned from her most iconic character to date: the impeccable Blair Waldorf. The show may have ended well over 5 years ago, but it’s still one of our go-to’s on Netflix – especially when we need to give our everyday style a little extra oomph with Serena, Little J and Blair providing us with near endless inspo.

Blair headband

There’s nothing wrong with having a signature style! Steve Jobs had the turtleneck, Adele has the winged liner and Blair had the headband. Think we’ll give the accessory a miss as our trademark though since we’ll look more primary school student than Upper East Sider…

Blair prints

Spring is finally upon us so it’s the perfect time of year to mix and match your prints, especially florals! Do like Blair and keep your hemline short to keep the look playful rather than dowdy (nobody wants to look like they’re wearing their Grans curtains).

Blair Wedding

*SPOILER ALERT* Rather than opting for a frothy white gown for her wedding to Chuck, Blair chose a blue Elie Saab showstopper – proving you don’t always need to go for the obvious choice in order to make a statement.


It’s all in the accessories! Blair was partial to matching her bag, shoes or headwear to a shade within her outfit. As long as you don’t overdo it, being matchy-matchy can look chic rather than cringe.

blair colour

This can seem daunting for people who prefer a more neutral colour palette but mixing up your style every now and again by adding a pop of colour can instantly refresh your wardrobe. Blair wasn’t one to shy away from a double dose of bold hues so steal her style by embracing your inner New Yorker.


Which of these Blair approved styles will you be experimenting with? Let us know on the Looker app – free to download here.


Images via Pinterest

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