It’s not too late (and you’re not too old!) to treat yourself to an Easter Egg this year. If you fancy a change from a Malteser one, get egg-cited about these quirky takes on the treat. From a boozy option to a bath melt – there’ll be something below to satisfy your tastebuds or give you the perfect excuse for a pamper sesh!

Easter Egg

Avocado Easter Egg from Waitrose

It seems retailers have clocked on that avocado is the way to a millennials heart! While it may not be served ‘smashed’ on toast with a runny poached egg on top, it’s mostly made up from dark chocolate so you can still have a guilt-free indulgence.

Easter Egg.

Blacksticks Cheester Egg from Asda (In store only)

Blacksticks have created a ‘Cheester Egg’ made entirely from…cheese. They’ve opted for blue cheese which has a bad rep given that it contains literal mould, but this is a creamier and milder take so why not give it a shot? It even comes with oatcakes and chutney so you’re all set for the perfect snack!
Easter Egg....

Almond Beauty Easter Egg from L’Occitane

You’ve gotta treat yourself to a pamper sesh every now and then so shoutout to L’Occitane for creating this almond scented set. It includes a shower oil, soap and hand cream – you won’t be able to stop sniffing yourself!

Easter Egg....png

Easter Egg Sandwich from Hotel Chocolat 

You can pretty much guarantee that if you go to a Pret-a-Manger after 1pm, egg butties will be one of the only products left that are almost untouched, but we reckon Hotel Chocolat’s take on an egg sandwich will fly off the shelves!

Easter Egg.....

Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt from Lush

When it comes to glitter, you just need to go all out! Get your shimmer fix with Lush’s orange and honey scented golden egg – it’ll make your bath feel 10x more luxurious while leaving your skin silky smooth.

Easter Egg

Pink Popping Prosecco Easter Egg from Prestat

The only thing better than Prosecco is a Prosecco infused Easter Egg with popping candy. Got a sweet tooth? Good news: there’s a selection of mini truffles with a ganache filling hidden inside the egg itself.



Managed to scout out an Easter Egg better than these? Use #bealooker on Instagram to show us!





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