Here at Looker HQ, we’re always trying to ensure the Looker app is the best that it can possibly be for our users by making regular updates, tweaking the user experience and adding new features. Here’s where you come in – in order to continue shaping Looker, we’d love to hear what you as users want to see on the app, what you currently like/dislike on the platform and your shopping habits.

Join us on Monday evening on 19th February in Manchester’s Northern Quarter for some nibbles, a chat and the chance to meet fellow Lookers. If you live nearby and would like to come – shoot us an email on and we’ll let you know more deets. Plus ones are welcome, just let us know both your names on the email so we can add you to our list (it helps if they’ve also downloaded Looker as this will be the topic of our discussions).

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 16.33.23
Image credit: Evelyn’s 


If you can’t make it on this occasion, stay up-to-date with app updates and future Looker Insiders meet-ups by joining our Facebook group here.


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