After possibly the longest January ever, Valentine’s Day is almost upon us (we’re personally more interested in tomorrow: Pancake Day). If the traditional V-Day plans of a meal and trip to the cinema isn’t cutting it this year, check out some alternative date night plans – perfect to do with both your partner or your pals for ‘Galentine’s Day’.

Image Credit: Virgin Experience Days

Indoor skydiving

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your GF/BF or friends, indoor skydiving is a fun and quirky way to spend the holiday. There’s times in life when you won’t look as attractive as you usually do: this is one of them since you need to rock a helmet while being blown up a tunnel. You’ll soon forget about being self-conscious though as you’ll be too busy experiencing what it’s like to fly (the Superman pose is encouraged).

Image Credit: Craft Gin Club

Gin-making Workshop

Gin seems to be the alcohol du jour with all our friends now making gin & tonic their drink of choice at Wetherspoons. By attending a gin-making workshop, you’ll learn about the processes involved in creating gin, pick the flavours and the best bit: take home a unique bottle, made by you.

Image Credit: Pump it Up Events


If you’re claustrophobic, this probably isn’t for you but if you ever wondered what it was like to be a hamster when they were playing in their exercise ball (just us?), then have a go at zorbing. You can do it on both water and land but we’d recommend doing it in water since it’s funnier watching people try to get back up after face planting.

Image Credit: Joyscribe

Candlelit dinner at Greggs

It was recently announced that selected Greggs’ would be offering candlelit dinners in honour of Valentine’s Day. Oysters, champagne and chocolate covered strawberries are stereotypical romantic foods and as great as they are, sometimes you can’t beat a Greggs pasty or sausage roll. If you’re expecting to be taken to a 5* restaurant and instead get treated to your local Greggs, don’t lose your cool – we guarantee your mates will still be jealous.

Image Credit: Essex FF&EC

Mini Golf

For a throwback, head to your nearest mini golf course. It’s easy to forget how fun some of your favourite childhood games are – laser quest and bowling are also great choices. Mini golf’s advantage over an actual golf course is that your chances of getting a hole in one significantly increase (it also requires a lot less exercise which is always a plus).

Left your Valentine’s Day shopping ’til the last minute? Fear not, we’ve got you covered with our two gift guides: For Him and For Her.

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