It’s the first day back at work in 2018, and we have officially hit the brick wall that is the January blues. Approximately 16 cups of coffee later, and we decided we are looking at this all the wrong way. A new year brings an all new hope for new beginnings, new adventures and of course some resolutions to be all round better versions of ourselves. However long these may (or may not) last, we’ve compiled a list of 7 ways to beat the slump that is January.

Start (and finish) a book

Something that costs nothing (or not a lot) – ’cause lets face it, we spent all our money on food and alcohol over the last week and a bit. Read a good book – one that you’ve had your eye on for a while, or maybe one that’s been sat on a shelf, unloved for too long. Getting to the last page and will give you a sense of accomplishment like none other – the perfect way to kick start some motivation.


We can’t think of a better way to cheer ourselves up than planning to do lots of exciting things. Set some plans into motion, whether than be a girly trip, a holiday with your love or even a decorating project! Nothing gets our creative juices flowing more than a Pinterest session looking at dreamy interiors – maybe one of them could be yours soon!

Have some ‘me’ time

You don’t have to tell us twice to do nothing at all. After the hectic Christmas period your body (and mind!) will love you a lot more if you take it easy and make some more time to just chill. Whatever that means to you – a few too many hours on netflix, getting that ASOS ‘saved’ bag full to bursting point, or sleeping the morning away; you do you girl.

Get out

As much as this tip goes against the last, getting out into the fresh air a little more often will do wonders for your mood. And who knows, maybe a walk will release some much needed endorphins…

Write a list

Write a list of all your achievements in 2017 (however big or small!) and take a look at it whenever you’re feeling down in the dumps. Think of all those things and then think of all the new memories you’ll make this year, too!

Do more of what you love

Sounds obvious, right? Not necessarily. We are often made to feel guilty for things we love doing, like watching too much TV or spending too much money (not that we love that part). If you enjoy staying in and watching TV, don’t let others make you feel like a bore! And if you spend way more than necessary at the local pub, who cares? (Although if you really are worried about money, why not go for something non-alcoholic to save some pennies? You’re still getting out and socialising but saving a little money too – win win!)

Treat yo’solf!

I know, I know, until the end of the month our bank accounts are looking pretty destitute. Instead, why not dig out that face mask you’ve been saving for a special occasion? Give your nails a fresh lick of paint? Or crack open the bath set you got for Christmas and have a pamper day.

Whatever you’re doing this month, do it in style. Share your style on Looker, free to download on iOS and Android.


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