This year has absolutely flown by so it’s pretty surreal knowing 2018 is only a matter of days away. The New Year always represents a fresh start – we make resolutions every single year but always lack motivation to actually stick to them thanks to January’s cold weather and dark evenings. We’ll be doing our best to actually stick to our resolutions come 2018 but if you’re still in need of a bit of inspiration, take a look at some of our Looker’s New Year’s resolutions.

Fransisca Resolution-01
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Fransisca Lifestyle 

‘My resolutions are to be fearless, go after my dreams and take better care of myself’.


Rianna Mara Resolution Blog-01
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Rianna Mara

‘I’d say that my resolutions for next year are: to be unapologetically myself at all times. To set myself a ‘no technology day’ at least once a month to reflect, relax and recharge. Spend more time with ALL of my loved ones!’

Sarah Moffat

‘I’m not a huge fan of New Years resolutions, but next year I’m aiming to really figure out my personal style, blog more frequently, and make the most of my weekends.’


‘My new year resolutions for 2018 is a long list but I’ve narrowed down the key ones: To be more consistent with everything I do, especially with my YouTube channel – I would like to grow my presence on that platform and be known for what I do. I would also like to travel more and explore different cultures around the world, I think that would be an easy resolution to achieve as I have already booked two mini getaways for the beginning of 2018. To keep my fitness routine and get better, 2017 was the start of my journey and the plan is to stick to it and help motivate others along the way. I also want to break out of my shyness and make acquaintances/friends with good people in the industry’. 

Mayah Camara

‘I don’t have any major resolutions this year just to live a little healthier and see more of my friends and family. Of course whilst being fashionable lol.’

Hannah Aisha

‘I want to make more time to create new artwork and photography, as I’ve not really done much since graduating. I really want to build my portfolio up and hopefully do some commissioned work!’

Amy Souter

‘My New Years resolution is to allow myself more time to be creative and to focus on my blog taking it to the next level.’

Winnie Tang

‘Print some more photos – in our society where we’re all taking more photos than ever, we often forget the luxury of physically flicking through a photo album. Start bladdy blogging some more! You might not even know that I have a blog.. maybe because I only pop up in the summer and end of the year which is crazy since it keeps me from losing my creative side to academia. Live in the moment. I’m making friends every year, some come, some go. With the limited time I have with people, just live in the moment and enjoy the presence of being with them especially at a university environment. You may not get another chance of all your favourite people being together in one place.’

 Resolutions Users Blog Graphics Katie Kirk-01

Katie Kirk

‘My resolution for 2018 is to begin everyday viewing it in a more positive light as oppose to focusing on negatives or things that can’t be changed – positivity attracts positivity into your life. I also want to make a point of taking more time out for myself for relaxation and to destress each day. Cheers to a positive and sparkly 2018!’


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