The festive season is upon us so that means countless mince pies, Michael Bublé on repeat, mulled wine and our fave Christmas films on loop. Love Actually, Home Alone, The Grinch and Elf have all become cult Christmas classics, with the latter teaching us some particularly important life lessons.


Image credit: Business Insider

More is more during Christmas so you can never have too many decorations! Once your tree is rivalling Kris Jenner’s and each room is strung with tinsel, do like Buddy and make some of your own decorations like paper chains and snowflakes to add a personal touch.


Image credit: The Daily Express

Despite what Buddy would have you believe; spaghetti, chocolate, marshmallows and syrup are not a match made in culinary heaven (a lesson we learnt the hard way). To avoid falling into a sugar coma, stick to the usual pasta dishes – carbonara, arrabbiata et al. There’s a reason Buddy’s spag-vom hasn’t featured on an Ol Dolmio advert. Although, his love of carbs and sugar is something we can definitely relate to.


Image credit: On the Set of New York

Like Buddy, our goal is to visit New York – although we aren’t motivated by wanting to track down a long-lost parent, we just want to live that Carrie Bradshaw life. He travelled through the candy cane forest and sea of swirly twirly gum drops to get to the Big Apple, so follow his lead and never give up if you’re determined to visit! (Shoutout to transatlantic planes for making it an easier journey than Buddy’s )


Image credit: Giphy

As cheesy as it may sound, spread positive vibes and you’ll find that you’re more likely to attract positive people! You never know, a simple smile or compliment could make someone’s day.


Image credit: The Independent

It was clear from the get-go that Buddy was pretty different to the other elves, but did he let that affect his Christmas cheer? NOPE. He still loved Christmas just as much, even if he couldn’t keep up with everyone else in Santa’s workshop. So, for your New Year’s resolution, do Buddy proud and be unapologetically yourself.

Still yet to get in the festive spirit? Check out our guide on the best beauty advent calendars to treat yourself over Christmas.



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