We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, 2017 has been weird. And it’s not even over yet, there’s still time for the year of the unexpected to throw us another curve ball.

Beauty mags, bloggers, and Instagrammers have given us some tricky trends to try out in the last 9 months. Here’s our pick of the most bonkers beauty trends to emerge in 2017…

Self-portrait nails, complete with hair

Need some inspiration for Halloween? Why not scare the pants off your friends with some selfie nails – finished with a miniature, manicure sized wig. Ok, so this trend didn’t hit the mainstream market, but visual illusion artist Dain Yoon gave us all something to tag our friends in on Instagram when she posted these freaky fingernails.

Dain is a pro when it comes to using makeup to create a talking point. She uses her own body as a canvas to create amazing illusions designed to play with the viewer’s mind.

Let’s see if selfie nails become the new magnetic mani (remember those? Hello Barry M 2012) before the end of the year.

Wiggles and waves

Yes, wiggly and wavy. Two words you would not normally want associating with your perfectly Anastacia’d eyebrows. The wonky brow trend may have started as an internet joke but that didn’t stop pictures of thousands of MUA’s best attempts appearing all over your timeline, from the slickest photoshop jobs to carefully coiffed and sculpted ‘above the eye’ hairs.

We’ve seen some beautiful takes on this trend, but it’s maybe too Avante Garde for the office. Can you just imagine Linda from HR’s reaction?

Feeling Uni-corny

Unicorn themed beauty products have been doing the rounds for a while, but this year we’ve all really let our inner six-year-old loose. From more grown up beauty bits, like Nails Inc’s sell out holographic Unicorn Duo – to truly whimsical looks, like this unicorn horn eyeliner flick.

Tone down the trend for yourself by bagging some of Unicorn Cosmetics rose gold makeup brushes with flat-lay ready Unicorn horn handles.

Unicorn Cosmetics Brushes

Disco Peaches

Formerly the staple makeup trend for Festival go-ers, glitter, sequins and face gems are making their way from out of the tent and into our everyday makeup bags.

More than ever, we’re ready to spread some glitz all over ourselves for a night out – it’s a fun look under the lights in the club but you’ll be finding it all over your bedroom, bathroom, down the sofa and, quite possibly, on the dog for the foreseeable future. And if having a little bit ‘a glitter on your face can cause that much carnage (and vacuuming) image the damage a full bum’s worth of glitter would do to your carpets…the less said here the better.

Yes, we sound like our mother right now.

Glitter and gemstone disco pioneers, The Gypsy Shrine, have been adorning behinds with sparkle this summer – everywhere from Boomtown to Ibiza. Think you’d try it out?

Backwards Eyeliner

Some people, when you tell them what to do they go ahead and do the opposite. Insta-MUA @dahliacreates has taken this completely literally and started a trend for flip reversing your eyeliner wing.

Spooky. We just want to see what this looks like on both eyes… although with a wing that pristine, this a look to copy the right way around.

Have you tried any of these trends? Or do you think there’s something we should have included? Tweet us @lookerhq and let us know.

Cover image credit: @designdain

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