Man Repeller, ‘The greatest style blog in the whole entire world’. We agree, although hey, the Looker Blog is at least #2 on that list. 

NYC native and Man Repeller founder Leandra (Medine) Cohen is a champion of stylish women from all walks of life – with the overall fashion message being that good fashion is about pleasing women, not men. Hence the title, Man Repeller, describing those incredible trends and unique pieces that the average bloke down the pub simply can’t wrap his head around.  In her own words, the Man Repeller style is “classic pieces just rendered unusually” and we can’t get enough.

Spotted out and about in her city this week, she had us here at Looker shedding a silent tear for the last days of summer. Actually, if we’re crying about anything its’s that summer never actually seemed to start… Leandra’s beautiful summery ensemble consisting of cobalt blue (very on trend for Autumn/Winter just FYI) Isabel Marant trousers and a Paul and Joe Paris candy striped shirt. The outfit was finished off with Net-A-Porter heels. A look so incomprehensibly chill that her shirt “spontaneously unbuttoned”. Stylish and funny, oh Leandra can we be BFF’s?

Check out Leandra’s style on @manrepeller and @leandramcohen on Instagram.

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