Willow melted all of our ‘Harts’ this weekend after her mum, Pink, including a heartfelt anecdote about her daughter in her VMA’s Video Vanguard Award acceptance speech. At only 6 years old, Willow Hart has become aware of the body image woes that every human being faces at some point in their life, telling her mum, I’m the ugliest girl I know…I look like a boy with long hair. As heart breaking as it is to know someone so young already has concerns likes this, Pink has definitely won the Momma of the Year title in our eyes with her empowering message to her daughter.

After being introduced to androgynous icons such as Freddie Mercury, David Bowie and Annie Lennox by her mum in reaction to her comments, Willow stepped out at the VMA’s in a three-piece suit: a stereotypically male outfit. She’s clearly taken her mother’s words of wisdom on board and her red-carpet look will no doubt help change perceptions on how any girl, irrespective of their age, should dress. The combination of boyish tailoring and a dainty polka dot print perfectly combines traditional masculine and feminine styles. Pink (and Willow), thank you for reminding us that we never have to conform to society’s views on how we should look.  

Pink’ speech has gone viral, but if you’re yet to hear Pink’s inspiring words – check it out here (https://youtu.be/W_gA5vkJJc4) – We’re not crying, honestly. 

Cover image credit: @enews

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