It’s safe to say that there’s nothing chicer that minimal Scandinavian style right now. Crisp lines, sharp edges, clean white finishes. And well, what embodies that concept better than a fresh blank piece of paper…stick with us here, we’re going somewhere with this metaphor.

Arket (via Vogue)Arket, is the latest satellite brand to launch from the Nordic fashion mothership, H&M. Arket literally translates as ‘sheet of paper’ (see).  The brand looks is set to be a fresh new slate for the market place, promising expert tailoring at an accessible price point. Functional fabrics plus directional sharp tailoring, which should equal each item becoming a staple building block in every woman’s dream capsule wardrobe. We’re already huge fans of H&M’s other ventures in the form of & Other Stories, Weekday and Cheap Monday, so expectations are high.

*unzips purse, preps credit card*

If all of the above wasn’t exciting enough, they are also launching home ware. God only knows how much we all love a good candle!

The flagship UK store on Regent Street will be opening its doors to lucky Londoners on the 25th of August, but for those of us North of the Wall (i.e, anywhere above Watford Gap services) you’ll be able to shop online on the same day. If you’ve been smart enough to subscribe ahead of time you’ll be able to shop the preview live on the website from the 23rd. We’re obsessing over this oatmeal Alpaca wool twin set (words we never thought we’d type, but hey it’s 2017 and anything could happen).

Arket PreviewThe Regent Street store is also going to be home to ‘The Market Cafe’, serving traditional Nordic flavours. Although they’ll have to go a long way take the place of a £3.99 plate of Ikea Meatballs in our hearts.

If you’re one of the first to get your hands on a piece from Arket, share your finds with the community on Looker now.

Image Credit: & The Guardian.

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