New to the Looker app? Well hello there, welcome! 👋

If you’ve just downloaded Looker you might be wondering what the ‘My Team’ tab is for. This tab is the place you’ll see the most up to date outfits from your favourite Lookers.

You’ll notice when you scroll through ‘New On’ that each user has an ‘Add to team’ button on the lower right-hand corner of each of their images. If you like what that user is posting and you want to see more from them, all you need to do is click that button and boom, they are now in your team.

Add to Team - Looker

So why add people to your team? We’ve created this space to making shopping simpler for everyone.

You can build your own personal style team of 20 users from real life stylish humans who are part of our community. You’ll be able to easily see what they’ve bought next without having to search and scroll every time. However, we know everyone loves a good scroll – so all outfits on Looker are shoppable, whether you’ve got the user in your team or not.

You can easily swap users in and out of your team if they haven’t posted in a while or if you’ve simply seen someone else who suits your style. Remember, you’ve got 20 spaces to play with. It’s like having your very own personal shoppers in your pocket. You might choose to follow someone because they are the same clothes size as you, or they might have gorgeous auburn hair like you (you lucky devils) or you might just like the way they pull a look together – if you want to see more from this person, this is the place to do it.

If you’ve joined the Looker community but you aren’t ready to post outfits of your own, or you just aren’t one for a photograph, don’t worry Looker is still very much for you. The community of Lookers on the app are some of the UK’s most stylish and you’re guaranteed to find Lookers who’ll help inspire your style and help you dress to kill daily.

Welcome to the shopping revolution.

If you’ve got any questions about Looker we’re here to answer them – drop an email to


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