We’re not sure whether it’s her love of colour, her envy-inducing wardrobe full of prints or the way she shuts down body shamers; but whatever it is, Callie Thorpe is everyone here at Looker’s latest style crush. She’s won over the likes of Vogue UK, Marie Claire and over 150k Insta followers with her no-nonsense approach to body positivity and plus-size advocacy. In doing so, she’s exemplified how the latest trends are not size exclusive, despite what the media might lead you to believe. 

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You know what I get a lot of stick for being a person who's 'job is on the internet' I understand why, some people see blogging or being an influencer as a vanity project, and I get it. But for me it is more than the things, the free clothes to review, the photo shoots. Connecting with people that's what I love the most. For the last month or so, many of you have reached out to me, left me messages, sent me emails offering me support during a time when a couldn't see past the abuse I was receiving. Even yesterday, after pouring my guts out about a personal subject about my relationship with my body and food, there was no judgement from you. In fact many of you said you could relate and even shared your personal stories with me. It makes me feel less alone knowing that other women are going through the same struggles and uphill battles and I hope you know that even if I can't get back to every message you write to me, I see them, I read them and they mean something to me. You all do. I love our little online community, thanks for sticking around with me. 💖 You are the real superheroes 💖🙌🏻 📷 @fordtography

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Slogan tees have been all the rage this season and our collection is constantly increasing, meaning we need as much style inspo as possible to keep things fresh! Callie lets her ‘Super Hero’ tee do the talkin’ by pairing it with black pleated trousers and lace-up booties: an outfit we’ll definitely be replicating! Do like Callie and polish off your look with a pair of must-have tassel earrings. 

Hint: H&M’s sell-out pair will be the best £8.99 you’ve ever spent.

Statement earrings are the current trend du jour. Check out our blog post to see how to style ‘em up so you look more Beyonce than Pat Butcher.

Cover image credit @calliethorpe on Instagram.

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