How to tag on Looker - Numbered

The beauty of sharing your outfit posts through the Looker app is that every item you feature is shoppable as long as you add the tags! You can tag anything you’ve featured, from your shoes to your lipstick (trust us, we want to know it all).

Head to the Me section to upload a photo from your camera roll or (if you’re all dressed and ready) tap Take Photo and strike a pose that showcases your full outfit. Once you’re happy with your image, click Add Tag. Simply search the list to find the retailer – or scroll to the bottom and Google it if they aren’t on the list.

Find the product page on the retailer’s website and click ‘Add tag to my outfit’. If you got in there early and bagged something before it sold out, help a sister out and tag the closest thing!

Our clever system will pull through the item description to your tag – all you need to do is double check it’s correct and voila! 

If our system isn’t able to recognise the price of an item it will show a default price of £30. To guarantee that you’ll earn commission on sales from that product on your post, you’ll need to ensure that the price is correct and matches the retailer at the time of posting.

Make sure you add in the UK clothes size that you purchased to your tag so that anyone viewing your item will know whether to buy their own size or to go a size up or down. So, if you’re usually a size 14, but your cute new denim jacket came up smaller than normal – you can let our users know by making sure you’ve added the size you bought in your tag.

Haven’t tried out Looker yet? Download Looker now for free on iOS from the app store. 



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