Every Instagram user knows that unwritten rule number 1 of the photo sharing app is location, location, location. You could be taking the hottest selfie ever snapped but if people can clock your mum’s toilet in the background then maybe those likes won’t come rolling in quite as fast as they could. 

So, with that in mind we’ve gathered 7 of the most Instagrammable (it’s a word, despite what spellcheck says) locations the UK has to offer that are sure to break your internet…

Mayfield Lavender

Located just outside of London, Mayfield Lavender appears to be this summer’s go to hot-spot for deliciously Instagram worthy images. The pale purple provides an excellent natural backdrop for outfit posts as shown perfectly here by Looker’s own Grace. Ideal for summery theme content, plus you can probably assume it smells amazing there too…


Shop Grace’s style on Looker


Wheat Fields

Must. Not. Make. Theresa. May. Joke.

If Mayfield Lavender is too far away or purple isn’t your thing, you can still go back (drop) to nature for a few snaps. Take inspiration from Leigh and maybe use a more neutral coloured crop… We may have thought this one through a bit too much but hey, anything for that perfect outfit pic right?


Shop Leigh’s style on Looker 


Peggy Porschen

If you’re as addicted to your Insta Explore page as we are then chances are you’ve already seen countless images of Peggy Porschen. The London based bakery is as famous for its perfect pink and floral aesthetic as it is for its cakes, making it the ideal location for a Looker pic. Great photos AND cake?

*Books train ticket to London*


Shop STWF’s style on Looker



Arguably one of London’s coolest boroughs, Shoreditch is renowned all over the world for its influence on fashion, and its artistic flair can be seen all over Instagram. Try finding a graffitied wall à la Sami next time you’re in the capital’s most Instagrammable area code. 


Shop Sami’s style on the Looker blog


Any festival. Any time.

Festivals are a sumer staple these days so it goes without saying that you’ll want to get a few outfit shots taken between watching the acts and having a few shandies with your mates (sorry mum). Either go ‘behind the scenes’ with a shot featuring the reality of festival life like Mia or find whats bound to be one of a hundred pieces of specially created artwork that will have been painted for whatever festival you’re loving life at like Holly…


Shop Mia’s style on Looker


Shop Holly’s style on Looker



Ok, we might be being a bit biased seeing as Looker are Manc and proud – but in all honesty, Manchester is a true gem when it comes to Insta aesthetics. From the bright rainbow lights of the gay village, the beautiful architecture around the town hall and the ever changing graffiti in the Northern Quarter – its anything but grim up North.

Just ask Lauren, who’s incredible outfit looks even more amazing with The Great Northern Warehouse as her back drop.


Shop Lauren’s style on Looker


Your Own Front Door

Obviously, we’re not saying that you have to go to the other side of the country and bankrupt yourself for the sake of a photo – although we do recommend seeing as much as the UK as possible, because why not! Sometimes the best backdrop for your photo’s can be as close as your own front door. 

Looker’s own Cindy show this perfectly without even having to leave her drive.


Shop Cindy’s style on Looker


Let us know where you think makes the perfect background and if you love the outfits featured above, click the links under the images to head over to the Looker app and find out where you can get your hands on them! 

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