Friends may have ended well over ten years ago, but Rachel Green is up there with the likes of Kelly Kapowski, Carrie Bradshaw, and Serena van der Woodsen when it comes to TV’s best-dressed characters. While we were all jealous that Rachel managed to land a job in fashion buying with little to no experience (we’re not still bitter about that, promise…), we were even more jealous of her impeccable style.

Jennifer Aniston’s hair and wardrobe pretty much defined 90’s fashion. Now, thanks to the recent resurgence of some of the decade’s most popular trends, it’s no longer embarrassing to admit that we still want Rachel Green’s style (and hair). With hundreds of episodes under the show’s belt, it was difficult for us here at Looker to narrow down Rachel’s best style moments on Friends – but we powered through – for you –  to select the top Rachel Green outfits that we’d still rock in 2017.


Rachel was pulling off the short dungarees and white kicks look long before Alexa Chung came on the scene. The slight acid-wash effect on the denim is very 90’s, but the striped tee and navy blazer give it more of a nautical feel that makes the outfit more wearable; over 20 years on.


Take your style cues from Rachel in this velvet cami and long sleeve tee get-up, to learn how to layer like a pro. Velvet’s often associated with vampy Autumn/Winter looks, but Victoria Beckham and Sies Marjan’s SS17 runways were awash with the material, giving it a more laid-back appeal.

Rachel 4

A denim waistcoat never looked so good, sorry Status Quo! Worn open or buttoned – the cover-up is such a versatile piece to layer over dresses and tee’s or tucked into skirts a lá Rachel who gave her black maxi dress more of a daytime feel by pairing it with a button up waistcoat.

Rachel 3

This has got to be one of Rachel’s most show-stopping looks on the show, Ross was weak at the knees when he caught sight of her in this and we were right there drooling alongside of him. Such a simple look with maximum impact.

Rachel 8

Cropped tie-waist shirts are all the rage right now and this all black number wouldn’t look out of place on any fashion blogger’s Instagram feed. Buy a regular length shirt rather than cropped, so you can button up the shirt and tie the bottom yourself to give it a more casual/effortless feel.

Rachel 6

Rewind to the 90’s when everyone wanted to know ‘how to dress like Rachel Green from Friends’, and we guarantee a checkered skirt was at the top of their wish list. Even Clueless’ Cher Horowitz and Liv Tyler in Empire Records weren’t immune to the appeal of a casually cute plaid skirt.


A cami dress paired with battered trainers is one of those rare outfits that looks just as good on us regular people as it does on Supermodels like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Karlie Kloss. Well, maybe not *just* as good but we can dream.


Rachel obviously understood the power of millennial pink 20 years before we were all rocking the sorbet shade. Do like Rachel and roll up the sleeves and tie up the bottom for an effortless feel. Extra throwback points if you pair it with pastel tinted denim trousers. Can’t get enough of Rachel’s pretty in pink look? Check out our blog on Millennial pink for inspiration on 2017’s hottest hue.

All images credited to: Bustle

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