It happens every couple of years – we look back at our pictures on Facebook (thanks to that handy and sometimes upsetting ‘On This Day’ feature) and think ‘What the hell was I wearing?’.

At the time we thought it looked good and all of the fashion magazines were telling us we would look amazing right? Well, they lied. With the benefit of hindsight, we vowed to never be fashion roadkill again…. that is until a new trend comes along and we restart the whole cycle.

So in an attempt to stop this vicious cycle we find ourselves in, we here at Looker have compiled a list below of recent trends that we just know we’ll end up cringing over when our future children find pictures of us.

1 – Ugg Boots

So what if they’re incredibly comfortable and warm in the winter – the number of fake Uggs (you know, the ones that cave in on the inside) have ruined Ugg Boots for us forever. Plus, they look like furry wellies.

2 – Perspex Clothing

Does anyone else worry if they get hot their clear boots will steam up? No… just us? No one wants to get off the bus with their clear vinyl pants full of condensation surely. Not cute.

3 – Excessive Contouring

Contouring is a God send we can all agree on that one. However, in this case, the limit does exist. Sculpting your collarbones, abs, arms, neck – and god forbid contouring any lower – is just way too much. There’s also a limit to the number of layers and colours we’d get involved in applying during our night-out prep. Not all of us have the motor skills to beauty-blend out what looks like an ordinance survey map on to our faces whilst trying to pour pre-drink prosecco.

We’ll stick to our Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow, ta.

4 – Excessive Highlighting

Looking like the Tin Man will never be a good look.

5 – Underwear as Outerwear

Because it just looks like you forgot what order to get dressed in.

6 – The ‘Instagram Brow’

Thicker brows are definitely here to stay but there’s a fine line between a considerately coiffed and naturally filled in eyebrow and one that looks like it was drawn on with a Sharpie…

7 – Cut-Out Swimwear

Totally Instagrammable but not at all practical – think of the tan lines! Unless you are slathered in factor 50, these risque little numbers are also a little bit risky in the sun. Yes, we sound like your mum but you’ll thank us when you’re older.  Plus – have you ever tried to actually swim in one of these? Breasts. Everywhere.

8 – Onesies

Onesies give us similar feels to UGGs in that they’re warm and cosy but it’s time to give up what is essentially an adult baby grow for ‘good girls’…

9 – Leggings as Pants

Unless you’re heading to the gym, leggings should always be used as a layering piece and as an alternative to trousers! Sorry, Kim.

10 – Giant Claw Nails 

They look good and they make us feel glam, BUT they make it hard to type, it’s near impossible to use your phone and aren’t worth the inevitable devastation and dry cleaning bill when one snaps in half (along with your real nail) on a night out. Although, you can’t beat the feeling of ultimate sass that tapping these bad boys against a table.

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Nails nails nails💅🏻 #agacigirl #inspo

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11 – Bandage Dresses

Body-Con is here to stay but even Kim K has left the bandage dress in 2011.

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В наличии шикарное платье миди.❤️Супер утяжка. Идеально садится на любую фигуру . Цвет Розовый , голубой ,беж .Бандаж качество люкс ! ☝️Бандаж действительно корректирует фигуру,скрывает недостатки и подчёркивает достоинства. —————————————–❤ Ждём Вас каждый день с 12.00-20.00 в шоу руме SARAPHAN 💋на самый комфортный шопинг. Подол. Улица Юрковская , 34б. 'В 3-х минутах ходьбы от ст.м. Тараса Шевченка . 👉У нас всегда хороший ассортимент 👉Самые новые модели 👉 Низкие цены 👉 Высокое качество 💋#бандажныеплатья #herveleger #hervelegerdress #купить #купитьплатье #купитьплатьекиев #киев #платьемиди #платьекиев #платьемечты #платьенавечер #платьенасвадьбу #шикарноеплатье #бандажныйкостюм #бандажнаяюбка #бандажныйтоп #пудра #костюм #костюмкиев

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12 – Chokers

A recent 90’s revival but if you ask us it should have stayed there…

13 – Random Band T-Shirts

We can’t figure out what’s more annoying- band t-shirts for bands that aren’t actually a real band or people wearing them who have zero idea who the band actually are! Urrrgh!

“Oh, nice Nirvana tee! What’s your favourite song of theirs?”


14 – Denim Boots

Just, WHAT?!

Think you’ve nailed one of our trends heading for room 101 – convince us – share your style on the Looker app.

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