If you’re anything like us at Looker HQ, 9pm means don’t even bother trying to make plans with us because its ‘pyjama’s on, hair scraped back, phone out with your Group Chat at the ready waiting for Love Island’ time.

This summer we’ve been glued to our TV waiting for all the drama to unfold between this year’s cast and we have not been disappointed! So with the rumour that this series is due to be extended by two more weeks (yaaas) we’ve put together a list of the 7 biggest reasons we’re loving Love Island 2017!


Ask any group of girls on Twitter who they’d add to their ‘Squad’ and we can almost 100% guarantee that they’ll say Montana. The Economics student from Hertfordshire loves to eat, shamelessly covers her spots in Sudocrem and is brutally honest to anyone and everyone – we salute you Mon!

P.s – Extra points for being ‘bum goals’!

2. Chris ‘Rapping’

I mean, we’re still not 100% sure we forgive him for splitting up Olivia and Sam but the guy raps (not well but he tries) and him offering to do it to lighten the mood is everything we want during our own awkward moments.

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😂😂 #loveisland

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3. Marcel

Did you know he used to be in Blazin’ Squad?

4. Amber

There’s always one the production crew want us to love to hate her. Her facial expressions are perfect meme material!

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😂😂 #loveisland

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5. The Catchphrases

Remember back in the heydey of Big Brother when Jade Goody brought ‘Mingin’’ in to the mainstream vocabulary? Well, this season of Love Island has taught Britain ‘pied’ (to be dumped) ‘melt’ (to be soppy) and ‘bantering’ (you can work that one out). Not to mention from now on we’ll forever be referring to our own love interests as ‘our type on paper’. 

There’s even a drinking game for all the Love Island lingo…

6. Jess and Dom

Well… because they make us cringe so much it hurts!

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That reply though 😂 #loveisland

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7. Camilla!

We adore Camilla! It takes her 3 weeks to give someone a peck on the cheek, she’s dated Prince Harry and she’s the right amount of posh for the entire British public to take her to heart. 

Can this season just go on forever?!

Cover image via Digital Spy

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