We can’t stop gabbing about our new obsession – GLOW. Here are just 9 reasons why you should treat yourself to the best new Netflix series of the year…

  1. It’s a satisfying binge watch

So, you’ve ploughed through Orange Is the New Black, made it to the end of Pretty Little Liars and now you’re hunting for your next Netflix obsession. Hunt no more, cancel your plans. GLOW is here. You can thank us later.

  1. Realistic portrayals of women

Round of applause please for the strong, capable, diverse, even lactating, but most importantly human portrayals of women that GLOW has achieved. Beautiful and fallible in equal measures – just like real life people. You’ll fall in love with Carmen (Britney Young), and yes, if you think that Rhonda Richardson looks and sounds like 00’s cockney NME fave Kate Nash, that’s because she actually is Kate Nash.  

  1. Leotards

A trend that we *deeply* hope never makes it back to the mainstream, but expertly showcased on the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

  1. Hairspray

If you ever needed a reminder of the artistry that can be achieved with a crimper and a few cans of Elnett, here it is. Grab your round brush and turn up the blow dryer.

  1. Glitter

Glitter, buckets of the stuff. Enough said. Pass us the Barry M Dazzle Dust we’re feeling inspired.

  1. The soundtrack

Packed full of power-pop, the GLOW soundtrack is 80’s as you like without the ‘Absolute 80’s’ cheese. Trust us, pop it on at the gym and it’ll transport you from the treadmill to the back seat of bright white convertible driving around Malibu. Turn up the fan.

Some lovely person has even made a Spotify playlist for the show. Again, you can thank us later. 

  1. Roller Disco

No spoilers here but you will want to go to a roller disco once you’ve finished the series. Maybe even before you’ve finished.

“Alexa – where is the nearest roller disco?”

  1. Alison Brie

Alison Brie kills at as Ruth, the struggling actress caught in a chain of questionable decisions. Most of us have been there. The series sees Ruth have to confront her choices in and out of the ring and it’s hard not to get lost in the action.

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This is pretty cool. Thanks @the.scotsman!!

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  1. Betty Gilpin

More Betty please, that is all.

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