We’ve all been there. The end of a relationship. It’s not pretty and sometimes it hurts like hell.

There’s the inevitable mourning period. This typically involves *excuse the cliche but it does happen* wearing your dressing gown, binging on Ben and Jerry’s and watching Bridget Jones’ Diary/Dirty Dancing/The Notebook on a non-stop loop. All the while Facebook stalking your ex – despite warnings from your BFF. We told you it wasn’t pretty.

Thankfully there always comes a point where you pull yourself out of this post-relationship funk and remember you’re a strong independent woman who doesn’t need anyone else. We’re here for you in your moment of enlightenment. Post-break up we’ve got you covered…

This one isn’t for everyone, but if you’ve come over all Khloé Kardashian and you’re out to get that killer Revenge Body, you’re going to need some fierce new gym gear.


Vicki Amaya
Shop Vicki’s style on Looker 


This one is for everyone. You’re in full blown independent woman mode, so why not splurge a little and treat yo’self? You’re saving money now you’re single and there’s room in your life for a new love – Looker app’s Andrea knows a beautiful bag (like this amazing Valentino number) is a sure fire way to show a statement investment can finish off your look.


Shop Andrea’s style on Looker


Next on the list is a well deserved, GNO (Girls Night Out) and the obligatory new dress. So tie your hair back, grab that credit card and get browsing Looker! We’ll meet you at the bar, our is a prosecco *bottle of*.


Shop Alana’s style on Looker


Holidays are the ultimate way to clear your head, but then again when isn’t a holiday a good idea? Own that sunshine wardrobe with a classic white top, denim combo a la Esther, perfect for cocktails by the beach, soaking up local culture and oh, mopping up phone numbers from holiday hotties.


Shop Esther’s style on Looker


Finally, give your swiping finger a break from Tinder and get building your style team on the Looker app!

Not joined Looker yet? Download now on the app store.

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