We all know that summer means two things; 

1. You feel obligated to start shaving your legs again. 

2. The whole world and his wife (no pun intended) are suddenly getting married.

You probably got the invite around Christmas time, because brides suddenly seem to become organised like that. You looked at it, smiled, maybe Instagrammed it with a cute caption… and then put it to the back of your mind – thinking you had loads of time to find something to wear. Big mistake, because it’s now June and you’ve got two weeks to find something to wear that will win you best-dressed but won’t upstage the bride. Don’t worry, here at Looker, we got you!

Ok, so where do you start? Obviously white is out of the question. Bridal consultant, Samantha Sargent tell us that “99% of brides opt for white or ivory for their wedding dress so it’s usually traditional they’re the only ones wearing it”. We get it, white is reserved for the bride on the day, but what we didn’t realise was that other tones could also anger certain bridezillas. Samantha’s ultimate insight to the bridal mind; “A few brides worry that focus will be taken off of them by guests wearing anything really bright like red or orange”. Right, time to remove anything red, orange or white from your ASOS saved items.

Luckily, as it’s summer the high street is full of two ‘wedding perfect’ summer style staples – pastels and florals. 

Soft and flattering to against every skin tone, pastels are a great way to make a statement without getting any side-eye from the bride. Don’t believe us? We’ve lined up a few wedding perfect outfits from real Looker users as definitive proof that you won’t go wrong in a pastel tone.


Shop Dauby’s style on Looker


Bold enough to stand out and still ‘wedding ready’, Looker girl Dauby perfectly nails this season’s biggest colour trend – pink – in this strapless skater dress.


Shop Chloe’s style on Looker


Pastels AND florals for the wedding? Done. This stunning Zara shirt dress is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe.


Shop Emily’s style on Looker


Who says the perfect wedding outfit even has to be a dress? Jumpsuits are a great alternative and they’ll also ensure you won’t flash anyone on the dancefloor.


Shop Erin’s style on Looker


Colour isn’t for everyone but black can be wedding perfect with the help of a subtle pastel floral pattern. Just ask Looker’s own Erin, she looks like the perfect guest in this wrap dress.

Showcase your wedding style and inspire your followers – add your outfit to Looker now!








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